NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - May 13, 2014) - Global digital media holding company CPXi announced today that it is seeing significant growth from bRealTime Select, its preferred programmatic marketplace. This growth is an illustration that the marketplace is being rapidly adopted by leading publishers to manage the yield they can drive from even their highest quality inventory.

"Since adopting bRealTime Select and a preferred programmatic approach to our marketing mix, the benefits and ROI have been outstanding," said Eric Wellner, Director of Business Development at Internet Brands. "We've seen a substantial increase in the quality of on-site advertising, and now understand the value and advantage that a preferred programmatic business approach can bring to our brand."

Seeing record impression growth of 250 percent in monthly impressions served October 2013 through March 2014, CPXi is attributing the marketplaces' success to its unique vision, something it calls "Preferred Programmatic." Many top publishers have embraced bRealTime Select as a preferred programmatic solution that increases efficiency and validates the quality of their inventory. It increases the ease with which they can maximize yield, drive ROI and stay in control of creative display across all screens: video, social, mobile and desktop. The benefit to buyers is they can access this publisher supply through a fully vetted and automated marketplace of premium inventory.

CPXi CRO Jonathan Slavin explains, "Programmatic automation is one piece of a puzzle that ultimately helps deliver a more efficient level of trading between advertisers and direct publishers -- executed seamlessly and at scale. For publishers, this means creating one-to-one relationships that result in the highest yield for their inventory. For advertisers, clear inventory transparency (including cost and position on the page) is necessary to make informed buying decisions and exceed expected results. bRealTime Select enables this fundamental exchange between both sides."

 "We've seen enormous growth on account of this evolving marketplace and the direct relationships we've forged with leading publishers that enable us to buy inventory upfront throughout their monetization stack," said Brian Weigel, General Manager, bRealTime. "With our years of experience working hand-in-hand with demand partners and publishers, we've been able to aggregate superior inventory to leverage on behalf of our trading desks, DSPs and all programmatic partners alike. It's a win-win for everyone, and a truly 'Preferred Programmatic' experience."

bRealTime Select is facilitating efficient and lucrative connections between advertisers and publishers like Internet Brands, Publisher's Clearing House,, United Online, World Now and

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CPXi is a global digital media holding company with more than a decade of experience connecting consumers with brands. The company has four primary divisions: bRealTime, offering programmatic solutions for both demand and supply side partners; Simplixity, providing full service media execution for brands, agencies and direct marketers; Affiture, an affiliate network driving performance objectives; and AdReady, providing a self-serve platform for programmatic creative and media placement. CPXi provides multi-screen messaging, leveraging display, social, mobile, and video advertising at scale serving billions of managed impressions daily. CPXi is a privately held company. For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter @cpxi

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