NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - May 13, 2014) - Nuvilex, Inc. (OTCQB: NVLX) announced last week that it signed an agreement with the University of Northern Colorado to perform initial studies in the development of cancer treatments that combine the proprietary live-cell encapsulation technology Cell-in-a-Box® with constituents of cannabis known as cannabinoids. It was another quiet announcement that seemed to fly under the radar, and maybe purposely so, as Nuvilex is a biotechnology firm that wants to stay just that, but at the same time, the company wants to use all available tools to potentially improve its own cancer treatments and, in turn, potentially save lives. And that means medical marijuana needs to be an option given it has proven it has medicinal properties.

So, in what has been Nuvilex's modus operandi over the last year or so, the company has sought out cannabis industry professionals in an attempt to position itself as a leader in medical marijuana. Unlike many companies that reside permanently in the cannabis space, putting out news daily with no substance and seemingly no end in sight to the claims, Nuvilex has methodically put together a world class Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) at its wholly owned subsidiary Medical Marijuana Sciences.

Much like Nuvilex did when it assembled a who's who team of world renowned oncologists to advance its pancreatic cancer treatment, the company has put the same due diligence into naming a Board of industry leaders to further its work toward developing treatments that include cannabinoids.

Nuvilex may be a small biotechnology firm, but since turning its focus strictly to operating as a biotech, it has made one big move after another and seems to have a knack for finding the best of the best to represent its research.

Last week's news stated that one of the members of its SAB, Richard Hyslop, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Northern Colorado, will lead the efforts to establish a solid foundation for future preclinical studies and clinical trials that will be needed to develop treatments for serious and deadly diseases such as brain and pancreatic cancers.

Nuvilex's CEO Kenneth Waggoner said, "The goal is to develop a Cell-in-a-Box®/cannabinoid combination that has anticancer effects coupled with low toxicity similar in concept to Nuvilex's pancreatic cancer treatment currently being prepared for Phase 2b clinical trials that uses the Cell-in-a-Box® technology with low doses of the chemotherapeutic drug ifosfamide."

Nuvilex is a biotech, but its execs are also wise enough to keep all options open when it comes to improving its cancer treatments, so using marijuana is always on the table. And, if actually using the drug can further the company's treatments, then they'll gladly be a leader in the industry.

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