Interneer Releases Mobile Offline Capabilities for Smart Mobile Apps

Offline Capabilities for Mobile Devices Enables Field Service Workers to Work Anytime, From Anywhere, With or Without Internet Connectivity

Los Angeles, California, UNITED STATES

LOS ANGELES, May 15, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Interneer, Inc., a leading provider of Business Process Management (BPM) software for process automation applications and Smart Mobile Apps, today announced the release of an updated Intellect MobileApps supporting offline capabilities for "Smart Mobile Apps" built on Interneer Intellect and deployed as a native enterprise mobile app on any iOS mobile device. This new feature enables organizations to significantly improve the productivity of mobile workers in the field with the need to enter enterprise data and capture photos while on the go, with or without internet connectivity.

When a mobile app is built on the Interneer Intellect platform or an existing app is upgraded to the latest version announced today, offline capabilities are automatically generated by Intellect MobileApps without requiring any programming. With Interneer Intellect, business users and IT departments can easily build "Smart Mobile Apps" for the enterprise within minutes, enabling employees, customers, partners and others to access, modify, and add vital enterprise data anytime, anywhere. Organizations can build an unlimited number of apps across the enterprise, all accessible within Intellect MobileApps, a free app available on the App Store.

"Enterprise mobility means getting business done anytime, from anywhere, whether you are connected to the internet or not," said Selim Ozyel, Director of Engineering at Interneer. "With Intellect MobileApps offline capabilities, people in the field can now capture data using native mobile apps even when a mobile device is not connected to the internet. This is a significant feature for field services workers who often travel to locations without internet access and yet need to take new customer orders, take pictures for an insurance claim, or approve a business activity."

Enterprise "Smart Mobile App" use cases that enhance business productivity:

  • Sales in the field: the modern salesperson is always connected and mobile, except when the internet is down or not accessible. With Interneer's new mobile offline capabilities, sales orders can be taken anytime, anywhere, even without an internet connection. Simply open your native mobile app on your smartphone or tablet and enter the sales order, store the data on your mobile device, and then sync up with your corporate system when your internet connection is re-established.
  • Insurance claims on the road: an accident can happen anywhere, including remote areas without internet connectivity, and yet customers want to file an insurance claim onsite when details are fresh and fully available. Interneer's new mobile capabilities enable customers and insurance agents to fill out forms using a native mobile app on their mobile device, including pictures of the accident, driver's licenses, license plates, and more. Interneer enables this data to be captured and entered into an auto insurance claim form while on the road, and then sync up later when internet connectivity is strong and reliable. 
  • Mobile executive on the go: when a mobile executive is flying across the country to the next business meeting, various business activities must be initiated or approved to keep business moving. With Interneer Intellect MobileApps, executives can fill out an expense report and take pictures of receipts or submit a request or a new capital expenditure while sitting on a flight back home. When they hit the ground, executives can sync up their data before leaving the airport.  

When using Interneer MobileApps, all data, photos, and actions are saved under a temporary folder on the mobile device until the user is reconnected to the internet. Once internet connectivity is re-established, the user has the option to sync up all data, and once fully completed, all data is automatically removed from the mobile device. Offline capabilities are immediately engaged when internet connectivity is lost; however, there is an option for the user to take the system into offline mode manually, making it convenient for mobile workers to work when connectivity is not consistent and reliable.

Interneer Intellect MobileApps is an ideal fit for organizations looking to build mobile apps with a need to capture and access enterprise data, initiate and approve business process, integrate with enterprise legacy systems, and offer enterprise-level security. The following features are available for any iOS mobile device using Intellect MobileApps: 

  • Ability to quickly and easily design enterprise-level native mobile apps
  • "No Programming" platform and easy-to-use interface optimized for speed and flexibility
  • Native mobile apps provide fast performance, high degree of reliability, and access to built-in cameras available with smartphones and tablets
  • Offline capabilities with automatic and manual launch
  • Access, capture and edit data across all processes
  • Ability to approve, reject or request more information for any process or action
  • Workflow, task status, and reports available on the go
  • Access enterprise legacy data (i.e., ERP, CRM, ECM systems, etc.) via mobile devices 

About Interneer

Interneer is the leader in Business Process Management (BPM) software for process automation applications and highly scalable Smart Mobile Apps for enterprise use. With Interneer, companies can deploy affordable, easy to use BPM software for automating business processes and workflows with rapid implementation. The intuitive drag and drop user interface is user friendly, designed for business users, and requires no programming. Interneer is available as a SaaS offering on a subscription basis in the Cloud or can be installed on-premises. Interneer has hundreds of customers including Circle K, FirefightersFirst Credit Union, Jacobs Engineering, Silliker and Host Hotels in markets including financial services, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, education, energy, and public sector. For more information, visit


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