TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - May 16, 2014) - "The effort we put into our children's education will be directly proportional to the contribution they will in turn make to this province and its people" -Tim Hudak in his White Paper on Education.

As Tim Hudak points out himself, his pledge to decimate the Education sector will directly result in the decimation of quality education in Ontario, and to the future contributions the students of Ontario will make to this province.

Hudak says he is making the hard decision by increasing staffing ratios from 22:1 to 24:1. However, the harder decisions will be made later when every principal will have to make dozens of decisions about which classes/programs to cancel, or which students will not be allowed to enroll in over-flowing Technology classes.

Hudak's White Paper pledges to make cuts even deeper than the ones he is espousing on the campaign trail. It proposes to further damage staffing ratios up to 26:1. If the Hudak agenda is initiated, OSSTF District 17 - Simcoe estimates the following losses will occur in your local schools:

Hudak's Plan For Your Local Schools
Loss of teachers due to change of staffing ratio from 22:1
School to 24:1 to 26:1 School to 24:1 to 26:1
Banting Memorial -7.33 -13.67 Midland -2.67 -5.00
Barrie Central -3.67 -6.83 Nantyr Shores -5.67 -10.33
Barrie North -5.17 -9.50 Nottawasaga Pines -3.67 -6.67
Bear Creek -6.83 -12.50 Orillia District-Park St. -5.50 -10.33
Bradford District -4.50 -8.33 Penetanguishene -1.83 -3.33
Collingwood -5.67 -10.50 Stayner Collegiate -1.67 -3.17
Eastview -7.00 -12.83 Twin Lakes Secondary -3.50 -6.33
Elmvale District -2.00 -3.67 Alternative School -1.50 -2.83
Innisdale -7.50 -13.83 Board Wide Total -76.83 -142.00

The above cuts only list the reductions to teaching staff. Further cuts to Educational Assistants, Designated Early Childhood Educators, and other support staff have been promised by Hudak if elected.

Reducing the staffing ratio will mean, fewer teachers, larger class sizes, more combined classes, less individualized supports, less specialized programming, and lost opportunities for students.

Please remember these facts when you cast your vote on June 12th.

OSSTF/FEESO District 17 - Simcoe represents over 1500 teachers in the Simcoe County D.S.B. and over 600 Support Staff (Education Assistants, Designated Early Childhood Educators, Office/Clerical/Technical Staff, Plant & Maintenance) in the Simcoe Muskoka Catholic D.S.B.

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