AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - May 20, 2014) - EPIC Corporate on (PINKSHEETS: EPOR) ("EPIC"), and Ronald S. Tucker, EPIC's president, announced "the transfer of EPIC's AcuFAB business to EPIC Medicor Corp, it wholly owned subsidiary, in its first corporate update. EPIC, as a shareholder orientated company, is going to provide a series of corporate updates to inform its shareholders and potential shareholders about EPC and EPIC Medicor's activities."

We believe it is important to give a brief history of EPIC and its present transfer of the AcuFAB business to EPIC Medicor Corporation.


EPIC was incorporated in 1997 as a fabless semi-conductor company. Since that time to 2010, EPIC subsidiaries were focused on developing electronic products. Products developed include an internet gateway for used in the power industry to gather and transfer information through the internet, an RF transmitter and receiver, a digital timer and controller to be used in conjunction with equipment and other devises. These products have generated limited sales because they lacked significant market potential.

During that time, EPIC engaged in several different businesses through subsidiaries, and established alliances with 3rd party small companies, but EPIC and the subsidiaries have always lacked sufficient resources and personnel in order to grow.

EPIC Medicor Corporation

In September 2010, EPIC's management was presented with an opportunity to produce a one of a kind fabric, AcuFAB, which gives the ability to produce unique products, that can be sold in existing consumer, home healthcare, and healthcare markets. EPIC's management, with a vision of AcuFAB's potential, changed its business model to focus 100% on AcuFab and its potential use in several significant market segments. Changing total direction, and with the consultation of market and industry experts, Mr. Tucker applied for a patent on the fabric. Further consultants advised him to wait to build an organization until he received the patent.

EPIC's management incorporated Epic Medicor Corporation in December 2010, to become the entity to house the AcuFAB business and become the product orientated company.

On April 1st, 2014, Mr. Tucker received the patent from the United States Patent office.

What is unique is that the patent is on the fabric, and not a particular product. The patent will attach to all products made with AcuFab. During the time between the application for and receiving the patent EPIC's management, with limited funds, became educated about the fabric, the products that could be made from it; how AcuFAB and its products are different from similar products in defined market segments; determine the effectiveness of various products and how to market the fabric and its products.

EPIC's management in conjunction with consultants discovered that the fabric produces effective products, however, to get a volume of sales, we are focusing on OEM's who make similar products and products that can use the fabric. This is the result of testimonials of users of hundreds of sample products.

EPIC, as a financial services company, is transferring its AcuFAB business to EPIC Medicor at this time to build EPIC Medicor with the AcuFAB business and enable it to raise the capital required to grow its business.

AcuFab is a proprietary, one of a kind, fabric that is now confirmed by users that it produces better blood flow to injured areas and air ventilation when lying down, sitting in a chair, driving your car, or standing on your feet all day.

Everyone at EPIC is excited about EPIC Medicor's future with AcuFab and looks forward to more updates and press releases in the future as EPIC Medicor grows.

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