CHARLOTTE, NC--(Marketwired - May 20, 2014) - EntityKeeper, LLC announces an innovative approach to entity management with a cloud-based solution for managing, maintaining and visualizing legal entity information. Created by the financial services and commercial real estate professionals at QuietStream Financial, EntityKeeper aims to replace costly, less-effective methods for managing critical entity information. 

Maintaining accurate, up-to-date information for all legal entities is paramount to the well being of any organization. EntityKeeper makes it easier than ever to input, access and share this information 24/7 from any device with best-in-class security features to store critical data safely in the cloud. With its patent-pending visualization tool, EntityKeeper presents a new way of seeing ownership and value across complex entity structures.

"A single missed filing deadline can cost hundreds of dollars in penalties, so EntityKeeper can pay for itself with features like automated email alerts," said John Hosmer, COO of QuietStream Financial. "EntityKeeper is perfect for family offices, real estate investors, private equity firms and venture capitalists. Customers can sign up online and start using EntityKeeper instantly."

"Our new entity management software solution presents an innovative alternative to spreadsheets," said Rob Finlay, CEO of EntityKeeper. "I've seen businesses that couldn't access their entity information if the person responsible for maintaining it went on vacation or quit. With EntityKeeper, organizations can take control of their data, manage user permissions, and grant access to critical entity information to the people who need it." 

About EntityKeeper
EntityKeeper is a cloud-based software application that simplifies vast amounts of entity data for organizations of all sizes. Starting at just $299, EntityKeeper allows users to increase company efficiency from top to bottom and manage, maintain and visualize legal entity information for less than the cost of a missed filing date.

EntityKeeper is the simple solution to entity management.

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