CHARLOTTE, NC--(Marketwired - May 20, 2014) -  QuietStream Financial (QSF), created from an investment by Commercial Defeasance and Summit Partners, today announced that EntityKeeper, LLC has joined its portfolio of companies with the debut of its flagship product, EntityKeeper. EntityKeeper is a cloud-based application that simplifies entity management, enabling businesses of all sizes to manage, maintain and visualize pertinent data for less than the cost of a missed filing date.

It is common for today's family businesses, real estate companies, hedge funds and myriad other businesses to have entity management needs, often right out of the starting gate. EntityKeeper was created to streamline the process of entity management, saving companies valuable time, money and effort. It eliminates the need for multiple spreadsheets, giving organizations the opportunity to store and visualize important information in one easily accessible place.

"Entity information management is an important aspect of starting up a business, one that many fledgling entrepreneurs may overlook until it's a big mess," said Jason Kelley, CFO, QuietStream Financial. "We are extremely pleased to welcome EntityKeeper into our portfolio of companies and look forward to bringing the company's common sense, affordable approach to entity management to market."

EntityKeeper's simple design makes the entity management process easy and intuitive. The software allows users to collaborate and share information internally and externally, while using best-in-class security to keep information safe. It tracks compliance due dates that vary by state and entity type and notifies users via automated emails, so they can avoid late fees and entity dissolution.

Clients can sign up online and start using EntityKeeper instantly.

About EntityKeeper

EntityKeeper is a cloud-based application that simplifies vast amounts of entity data for organizations of all sizes. It increases company efficiency from top to bottom by allowing users to manage, maintain and visualize legal entity information at a fraction of the cost of other entity information management solutions.

Created by a group of entrepreneurs who understand the challenges of managing pertinent data, tracking annual filing dates, generating accurate reports and sharing information, EntityKeeper is the simple solution to entity management.

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