SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwired - May 20, 2014) - DRIVE.NET, an online auto show platform with unique social capabilities, today announced the launch of its English-language website. First launched in 2008 for a Russian-speaking audience, DRIVE.NET has tallied more than 1 million cars and has over 1 million registered users. On DRIVE.NET, users' profiles focus on their cars and the experiences the owner has with their car. Users can also seek out other car owners' experiences with similar vehicles based on make and model and easily connect with them in a way that is otherwise unavailable.

"Auto enthusiasm is prevalent across almost all nationalities and cultures," said Anton Bolotov, CEO, DRIVE.NET. "The immense success we've had in the Russian-speaking car community has made DRIVE.NET's move to an English-speaking audience inevitable. We invite those passionate about cars to share the vehicles they own, tell their personal car stories, and find and interact with fellow fanatics around the world. We think that a mutual love of cars can bring strangers together like not many things can."

DRIVE.NET's free platform encourages users to share the pride they have in their cars through logbooks containing photos, videos, journal entries, and other information about the cars that they own and love. A new purchase, a long-time restoration or tuning project, or just a familiar family car -- all are welcome at DRIVE.NET. So long as the story is about a car that a user owns, the website and supporting mobile apps provide a platform for users to communicate through their vehicles. Even more, because the owners of the cars provide all the information on the site, users can explore and compare the personal experiences of owners of the same or different cars (and compile their own albums of car photos, personal or private, of vehicles that stand out to them). Thus, DRIVE.NET is both a social medium and a valuable research resource for all car enthusiasts.

"DRIVE.NET users understand that cars are about more than just getting from Point A to Point B," said Aleksey Komissarov, Operations Manager, DRIVE.NET. "Every car and car owner has a story, whether it's an epic road trip, the hard work spent installing a new engine, or saving up to buy your first beat-up clunker as a teenager. The addition of an English-language platform will further our mission of providing a worldwide car sharing and discovery experience. Users can see (and perhaps be inspired) by what fellow car enthusiasts have done with their own car model and also discover makes and models they probably never knew existed."

The platform also supports a sorting system based on "Drive." Drive measures the overall interest in a particular car or profile using a variety of metrics including profile activity and number of followers. Cars with high interest and interesting stories or articles are routinely featured on DRIVE.NET's main page and can be eligible for "Car of the Day" voting. Not only is the platform useful for car researching (with personal testimonies on cars throughout those cars' lifetimes), it helpfully sorts vehicles based both on user interest and the depth of information available on a car.

In addition to the web platform, DRIVE.NET will soon be available for download on iOS and Android. The mobile apps will be a complement, but not a substitute, for the site's full functionality. Mobile app for the active users will have the value added ability to post content to their blogs and logbooks on the go with the ability to edit photos from the app, comment on posts and chat with other car owners. However, new user registration or adding a new ride will not be possible via the mobile apps.

Founded in 2008, DRIVE.NET is an online auto show platform for car enthusiasts. It provides a social experience for car owners to share about their cars and to connect with other car owners. Started as a Russian-language site, DRIVE.NET recently expanded into English-language offerings via a website platform and iOS and Android apps. For more information, please visit

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