WALNUT CREEK, CA--(Marketwired - May 20, 2014) - WildPackets, Inc., a leading provider of network and application performance analysis solutions, today announced the release of Omni Distributed Analysis Platform version 7.9.5, the industry's first Wi-Fi analysis solution for gigabit wireless local area networks (WLANs). Omni Distributed Analysis Platform 7.9.5 is the only commercial solution available for managing and troubleshooting new enterprise 802.11ac networks.

Enterprises are upgrading their WLANs to the 802.11ac standard, which provides unprecedented performance, capacity, reliability, and radio frequency efficiency. Unfortunately, traditional techniques and solutions for WLAN troubleshooting and analysis will not be able to keep up with the increased throughput of 802.11ac.

"802.11ac takes a big step forward, providing network speeds comparable to those of wired networks just a few years ago," said Jay Botelho, Director of Product Marketing, WildPackets. "This new wireless infrastructure requires a new methodology to capture traffic for performance and management analysis. WildPackets is the only vendor to support 802.11ac, introducing new, enterprise-scale distributed methodology for capturing high speed 802.11ac traffic anytime, anywhere."

As the amount of data traversing enterprise WLANs continues to grow, enterprises need to ensure that their networks are performing optimally to maintain business productivity. Existing solutions are not able to deliver adequate capture and analysis capabilities to handle the amount of data that traverses gigabit wireless networks.

"802.11ac is clearly the future of organizational and enterprise wireless LANs everywhere, and we continue to urge IT managers to begin deployment of 802.11ac for at least assurance purposes," said Craig Mathias, Principal, Farpoint Group. "Omni Distributed Analysis Platform 7.9.5 provides a vast array of information that assures network operators that their 802.11ac installations are correctly configured, secured, and optimized to meet local policies and performance objectives."

Omni Distributed Analysis Platform 7.9.5 is the first product designed to support remote data capture and analysis of 802.11ac traffic using commercial enterprise 802.11ac APs as data capture devices. Additionally, its distributed WLAN data capture provides 24/7 monitoring and recording to support IT in post-security incident investigations.

Available immediately, Omni Distributed Analysis Platform 7.9.5: Industry's Wi-Fi Analyzer for 802.11ac provides:

  • Gigabit Wireless Network Analysis
  • Multichannel and wireless roaming analysis
  • Comprehensive voice over Wi-Fi troubleshooting (VoFi)
  • Flexible data capture -- portable, remote, wireless forensics
  • Remote capture from commercial APs, including CISCO, Aruba, etc.

For more information, visit www.wildpackets.com.

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