RICHMOND, VA--(Marketwired - May 20, 2014) - Anord Critical Power, Inc., a U.S. subsidiary of Ireland-based Anord, a leading independent provider of critical power infrastructure to the global data center industry, today announced that its new, modular Form 4B Type 7 switchboards, designed with greater security and stability, have received UL certification. Anord is the first switchgear manufacturer to attain UL certification for this product in North America, which offers an exclusive advantage for customers in the datacenter sector. Anord will be exhibiting at the upcoming 7x24xChange Lone Star Chapter Spring Conference, on May 22 at Irving Convention Center, Las Colinas, Texas, Booth #610.

The Form 4B Type 7 switchboards offer better personnel protection, higher level arc containment, and limited damage and downtime. Their smaller footprint translates to a denser data center with the opportunity to leverage more space for revenue-generating purposes. 

By eliminating the opportunity for the electrical arc to spread from one device to another, the new switchboard design delivers improved performance to arc flash standards. Because all internal components are segregated, a fault in one part of the switchgear cannot impact other devices. In traditional (UL891) construction, a fault can spread through the open vertical structure creating greater damage and potentially impacting other equipment within the data center. Since Form 4B Type 7 switchboards eliminate this risk associated with typical switchgear, they help to protect operators and promote workplace safety.

"Because Anord's fault resilient Form 4B Type 7 Switchboard features a modular design, data center clients can enjoy a smaller footprint and can select the configuration that best meets their needs," said John Day, Vice President, Sales and Marketing for Anord Critical Power, Inc. "Our unique design is now UL Certified and brings a higher density skid-mounted arrangement that allows two smaller switchboards to occupy the same space where one used to fit. This translates to cost savings for the U.S. market."

Anord's UL Certified, Form 4B Type 7 switchboards are available now. The switchgear is sold in 4" increments, so clients can purchase the exact capacity they need and save space within the data center.

About Anord Critical Power Inc.
Anord Critical Power Inc. is a U.S.-based subsidiary of Anord, a leading independent provider of critical power infrastructure to the global data center industry, entering the American market with the delivery of a robust switchgear product offering superior system resilience and enhanced operator safety. Its compact, fully compartmentalized switchgear system offers a "best-of-both standards" solution to meet the needs of critical power businesses. Established in 1969, Anord has a strong pedigree and successful track record in providing mission critical Low Voltage, Power Switchgear, Bus Duct, and Energy Management Systems to many of the world's leading cloud computing, co-location, and enterprise data center businesses across EMEA as well as North and Latin American markets. Anord's proprietary "AMS" switchgear system provides customized power switchgear equipment from a type tested and certified modular platform fully compliant with the IEC LV Switchgear standard 61439-2, and was recently tested and approved to UL891. For more information visit:

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