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'The Jetstream of Success' Author to Be Featured at Book Expo America 2014

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - May 22, 2014) - Silicon Valley-based South African venture capitalist Julian Pencilliah is a featured author with his Amazon top-selling self-help book, "The Jetstream of Success," ( along with four further titles at Book Expo America 2014.

The self-made businessman, who is the chairman of a group of companies, says that the first $30 million is always the most difficult to make. He shares how becoming "a student of my own history" gave him the tools to catapult him well beyond his once self-perceived limitations.

"I've learned that my capacity to reinvent myself, conducive to life's demands, allows me to achieve what others may think is impossible. Taking meaningful action daily, with a pure and focused intent, will frame your successes and super achievements," Pencilliah says.

Pencilliah, who has spent time with Sir Richard Branson at the Virgin America founder's private game reserve in South Africa, says many of the tools he shares in "The Jetstream of Success" he learned from such iconic visionaries.

"They are what I call Intellectual Mavericks -- people who can champion their lives forward, overcoming obstacles, fears and setbacks. They have engaged their inner genius, which we all possess, and from them and other experiences, I've learned how to engage mine. What I share in 'The Jetstream of Success' is how anyone can be a super achiever by becoming more sophisticated in their thinking."

The Jetstream of Success is also a story of self-discovery, from watching and learning from predators on Branson's reserve, Ulusaba to facing fear during a great white shark dive to allegorical lessons on stretching the limits of optimization derived from driving Formula One race cars.

"If you want to emulate the Formula One attitude, you have to assess the track before you. You have to look at your life holistically and evaluate your goals," Pencilliah writes.

"Define the limits of optimization, performance and endurance and then exceed them."

About Julian Pencilliah

Julian Pencilliah, (, is the author of "The Jetstream of Success," an Amazon Top 10 e-book best-seller in the self-help category. Julian is the founder of several successful businesses including his current Quantum Capital Fund, a multi-staged venture capital firm that is largely invested in information technology and online media. Pencilliah is a qualified civil engineer.

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