SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - June 05, 2014) - CrowdOptic, a maker of mobile and wearable broadcasting applications for live events, today announced that it is working with UC San Francisco (UCSF), to test CrowdOptic software to enhance physician training and patient care.

During the test period, CrowdOptic software, which live streams video footage from wearable devices like Google Glass, will record multiple vantage points during procedures by UCSF Department of Orthopaedic Surgery faculty and then broadcast to offsite locations as a way to enhance communication and educate remote physicians. Visiting physicians will be able to observe multiple surgical procedures at once through Google Glass, as well as inherit each other's views. The technology will have great utility for surgeries in which views are restricted, such as orthopaedics and neurosurgery, and in which surgical fields are very small, as well as for general surgery. CrowdOptic software will only be tested with patients who have fully consented to the process.

CrowdOptic made its name in the sports and entertainment industry, where it is widely used by teams ranging from the Indiana Pacers to the Philadelphia Eagles, as well as by venues like Sonoma Raceway, to broadcast live Glass feeds to stadium video boards.

Just as fans can inherit Glass views through CrowdOptic, so can doctors use interchangeable Glass views to address their unique communication needs. During the testing period with UCSF, CrowdOptic will use its software architecture to provide real-time broadcasts of orthopedic physician perspectives in settings where shared views can offer learning opportunities for physicians-in-training. Such settings will include broadcasting surgical procedures to local and offsite destinations such as HDTVs that can be viewed in real-time by colleagues and trainees.

"We see strong potential for technology to enhance the training of physicians who will benefit from live perspectives of views that have been to date restricted by the realities of modern day orthopedic surgery. These include physicians developing new clinical procedures and techniques to more fundamental training principles such as understanding the 3-dimensionality of anatomy required in modern orthopedics," said Dr. Thomas Vail, Chair of Orthopaedic Surgery at USCF.

"Our patented technology, which analyzes and clusters data corresponding to views of an event, dovetails with the emerging field of precision medicine," commented Dr. James Kovach, VP Business Development, CrowdOptic. "We can allow physicians and other healthcare professionals to share contextual data in a real-time and secure manner through Google Glass, allowing one physician to inherit the view of another physician, in the same operating room, within the hospital or even in a more community-based setting."

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CrowdOptic software produces breathtaking crowdsourced content for live broadcasts and unique context-aware applications that engage fans and live audiences. Also an advanced platform for mobile and wearable intelligence and analytics, CrowdOptic uses patented algorithms to obtain unparalleled insight into device engagement. CrowdOptic's software detects significant broadcast events and then sources the live video feeds in real time to and from any broadcast media or device. CrowdOptic analyzes the best views and footage, obtained through devices such as Google Glass, then streams the live feeds directly to arena video boards, and even allows fans to inherit each other's views. CrowdOptic is used worldwide by leading enterprises in the sports, entertainment, security/building controls, and medical industries. CrowdOptic is the recipient of the 2014 Frost and Sullivan New Product Innovation Award for its pioneering achievements in Focus-Based Services.

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