OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - June 10, 2014) - Starting today and running until Sunday, June 22, CAA North & East Ontario (CAA NEO) is ready and waiting to help residents in the Northern region safely dispose of their used automotive batteries for recycling free of charge.

"This winter was a rough one especially in our Northern communities. We had a record number of calls, most of which required boosts," said Christina Hlusko, President and CEO of CAA North & East Ontario. "I'm sure a lot of drivers are looking to dispose of their dead car batteries responsibly. Our Club is ready to take them off their hands during the Great Battery Roundup."

Automotive batteries are made up of 10 kilograms of contaminating lead, three liters of toxic and dangerous sulfuric acid, and a plastic case. Over 98% of these materials can be recycled and made into a brand new battery. CAA NEO will collect all used automotive batteries and have them shipped to a recycling facility for processing. The proceeds collected from the recycled batteries are being donated to Trees Ontario, the largest not-for-profit tree planting partnership in North America. Trees Ontario is the lead delivery agent for the government of Ontario's 50 Million Tree Program. The program significantly cuts landowners' costs of large-scale tree planting and boosts the number of trees planted across the province.

The Great Battery Roundup is free to CAA Members as well as the general public. Residents in the city of Thunder Bay can call 1-800-222-4357 to coordinate to have their batteries picked up. For drop off locations throughout Northern Ontario, please visit or see below.

Bob's Service Centre, 6822 Highway 17 East
T.J. Lapointe's, 259 Grand Trunk Ave
North Bay:
A&S Towing, 1345 Franklin Street
Parry Sound:
Constables Towing and Body Shop, 48 Hoddys Side Road
Jim's Automotive, 2204 Algonquin Road

CAA NEO reminds consumers of the threat that automobile batteries pose. When being handled, it is necessary to use protective clothing, gloves and eyewear. Batteries should remain upright in a plastic leak-proof container. Sparks, flame, and even smoking may cause explosion.

CAA North & East Ontario provides roadside assistance to Members, along with an extensive array of travel and insurance services designed to suit the individual needs, wants and expectations of its Members. @CAANEO #G8TBatteryRoundUp

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