MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 11, 2014) -  Rhythm, a blinkx group company, today announced its launch of the industry's first mobile SDK to support javascript VPAID for interactive in-stream video on smartphones and tablets, as well as their mobile VPAID-compliant ad server.

The Video Player-Ad Interface Definition (VPAID) is the IAB specification that provides a standardized interface between video players and in-stream video advertisements. VPAID has long been used for Flash based interactive video ads on desktop, but has yet to work effectively in video players on mobile platforms.

"Mobile video is fast becoming a major part of the mobile advertising ecosystem, with sight, sound and motion appealing to consumers on mobile screens as well as PCs," said Joe Laszlo, Senior Director, IAB Mobile Center of Excellence, "Extending the IAB's VPAID standard to the mobile world represents a critical step in making it easier for marketers and agencies to leverage their digital video creative assets on smartphone and tablet screens."

Rhythm's technology uses the Javascript VPAID API specification to deliver and render its already widely accepted and well-regarded Interactive In-Stream video ad units to VPAID compliant mobile apps and websites. This new level of integration is expected to be game changing for Rhythm brand and agency clients as well as publisher partners. Publishers who integrate Rhythm's VPAID SDK will be able to run Rhythm's suite of mobile Interactive In-Stream and rich media video units as well as 3rd party VPAID ad tags as they become more prolific in the marketplace.

"The standardization of interactive video creative across mobile and desktop has been demanded by advertisers for some time, so we're very excited to deliver this solution," says Josh Stivers, Vice President of Advertising Solutions for Rhythm. "For publishers, supporting mobile VPAID adds significant value to their video inventory and helps them garner a larger share of mobile ad dollars."

Historically, multiple technologies were used in the creation of video ads, and video ads could only be served within publisher environments pre-integrated with that same technology. VPAID provides common technology specifications to which advertisers can develop their video assets, avoiding incompatibility issues between the creative and the publisher environments in which they are to be served. And now, the debut of Rhythm's mobile SDK leveraging this standard is pivotal for the industry.

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Now part of the blinkx group of companies, Rhythm is a leading premium mobile video advertising technology company, focused exclusively on smartphones and tablets. The company connects brand advertisers with highly engaged mobile audiences by selling and serving video, rich media and other immersive advertising formats. The company's core expertise lies in the delivery of impactful brand advertising campaigns against high quality content for targeted, relevant audiences. Rhythm has partnered with more than 50 premium media companies, across a portfolio of 200+ properties. For more information please visit

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