RYE BROOK, NY--(Marketwired - Jun 12, 2014) -  CBLPath, a Sonic Healthcare company, is pleased to announce its preferred partnership agreement with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Division of Molecular and Genomic Pathology. This partnership agreement will add access to state-of-the-art next generation sequencing testing through CBLPath's world-class cytopathology program.

CBLPath's cytopathology program, under the direction of Dr. Madeline Vazquez, interprets more than 40,000 thyroid FNAs annually with one of the lowest indeterminate rates in the United States. The combination of CBLPath's cytopathology expertise and low indeterminate rate combined with the UPMC revolutionary next generation sequencing assay, called ThyroSeq™ v.2 will provide the most effective tools for a definitive diagnosis and will decrease the need for avoidable diagnostic surgeries, thus providing extremely cost-effective patient care.

The recently released ThyroSeq v.2 assay is an expanded version of the initial ThyroSeq next generation sequencing panel. This technology increases the detection of mutations associated with thyroid cancer and allows for simultaneous testing of genetic markers while using only a few cells. The designer and developer of the ThyroSeq panel is the internationally recognized authority, Yuri Nikiforov, M.D., Ph.D., who also serves as the director of UPMC's Division of Molecular and Genomic Pathology.

The ThyroSeq v.2 panel simultaneously detects more than 400 mutations and chromosomal rearrangements in over 60 key thyroid cancer genes. Further, ThyroSeq v.2 utilizes innovative technology that greatly improves the detection of cancers in those cases that are indeterminate, when the presence of cancer cannot be ruled out by cytopathology.

According to Dr. Nikiforov's research the ThyroSeq v.2 panel identifies the molecular signature of more aggressive thyroid cancers. With the addition of this prognostic information, a patient with a less aggressive form of cancer could potentially avoid a radical surgical procedure. The improved ThyroSeq v.2 panel also gives insight into therapeutic efficacy based on the molecular profile of the tumor which can aid in the selection of the most effective treatment for each patient.

"CBLPath is extremely excited about this relationship with the UPMC Division of Molecular and Genomic Pathology and the addition of ThyroSeq to our program," said Dr. Carlos Urmacher, Co-CEO and Chief Medical Officer of CBLPath. "I am delighted that we can now offer this test to our clients and patients in order to produce a more definitive diagnosis and improved patient care." To find out more about how to access ThyroSeq through CBLPath, please reach out to us at: Thyroid@CBLPath.com or 877.225.7284 or visit www.CBLPath.com.

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CBLPath, a Sonic Healthcare USA laboratory, is a leading pathology services provider, combining anatomic pathology with advanced molecular diagnostics, esoteric testing and digital pathology. CBLPath is committed to helping our clients deliver better medicine, faster. At our core are pathologists dedicated to utilizing and integrating comprehensive diagnostic, prognostic and theranostic testing designed to deliver personalized medicine and to provide our subspecialty physician clients timely, accurate results enabling the most effective patient care. For more about the company, please visit CBLPath.com.

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