NEW YORK, June 17, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RadioIO, Inc. (OTCQB:RAIO) today announced it has added five Spa and Wellness music channels to its Be Well Radio business and consumer lineups to further its expansion in the exploding health and wellness market.

RadioIO's presence in the health and wellness market has grown dramatically since its initial entry into the market with Be Well Radio. RadioIO is focusing on rapid expansion by providing the highest quality music to serve Spa and Wellness businesses, as well as target wellness-minded consumers. Health and wellness professionals will benefit from the high production values of the music selections, which are ideally suited to spas, salons and personal home environments that desire a more relaxed atmosphere.

RadioIO's new Spa and Wellness music channels are exclusively curated by New Age Music Guru Lloyd Barde, who is widely regarded as an expert in music for the Healing Arts. Barde serves on the Grammy Awards New Age Music selection committee and produces and regularly hosts concert series, tours, shows and monthly dance events in the Bay Area through Lloyd Barde Productions. Barde has extensive experience as a DJ and radio programmer, having worked at KUNC, Greeley, Colo.; KGNU, Boulder, Colo.; and KPFA, Berkeley, Calif.

"Reflective of an audience that wishes more opportunity for connection and space to slow down and appreciate their busy lives, the RadioIO Spa and Wellness music channels will enhance the 'soundtrack of our lives' with generous portions of rest, beauty, expansiveness and luxurious sounds, whether for more mindful listening or soothing backdrops of carefully selected and programmed music," said Barde.

"It was a natural fit to enhance Be Well Radio with high quality, custom-produced RadioIO Spa and Wellness music channels. This collaboration of musical creativity shows how artists, producers, businesses and consumers can join together to mutually benefit from the power of music," said Julia Miller, COO of RadioIO.

RadioIO's Spa and Wellness channels are available exclusively on RadioIO's Be Well Radio. The innovative selection of music includes the following five distinctive channels:

Beauty: An endless stream of music for soothing self-care designed to inspire a sense of inner delight, featuring artists Karunesh, Kenio Fuke, Peter Kater, Michael Hoppé, Luminous World Orchestra, Gary Malkin, Janie Horton, Dana Cunningham, Bill Douglas, Back to Earth, Bruce BecVar and Mark Ciaburri.

Meditate: Gentle Eastern flavors abound in this spacious inner journey channel designed for relaxation and introspective listening, featuring artists Manose, Riley Lee, Hans Christian, Deuter, Mike Wall, Teredesai, Ty Burhoe, Benjamin Iobst, Stevin McNamara, Ben Leinbach, Kip Mazuy, Mandala and Nadama.

Sleep: Music arranged to release the day and induce peaceful states and sleep. Artists include Liquid Mind, Robert Haig Coxon, Kip Mazuy, Steven Halpern, Todd Norian, Deuter, Michele Ippolito, Patrick Bernard, Zero Ohms, Patrick O'Hearn and Paul Avgerinos.

Soothing Voices: Take a lyrical step into wellness with the soft, soothing voices of Lisbeth Scott, Tina Malia, Kristin Hoffmann, Sacred Earth, Deva Premal, Patrick Bernard, Bliss, Chloe Goodchild, Donna De Lory, John Astin, Shaina Noll, Peter Makena and Enya.

Space: Slow down the pace and explore the inner and outer spaces of thoughts and feelings that color life's journey with tranquil sounds from Jonn Serrie, David Helpling, Hollan Holmes, Kevin Kendle, Meg Bowles, Rudy Adrian, Chronotope Project, Numina, Andrew Forrest, Steve Roach, David Parsons and Robert Carty.

RadioIO's "Spa and Wellness" suite of channels have been specially developed in response to market research findings and recognition of the growing demand for lifestyle offerings. Utilizing themes of Sleep/Rest and Receive, Meditative/Eastern Flavors and Beauty/Soothing Self-Care, the Spa and Wellness channels feature lyrically uplifting chants and songs designed to complement spa-goers' desires to bring more self-care, beauty, space and gentle inspiration into their lives. The innovative programming, specially designed to enhance the "soundtrack of people's lives," features soothing, expansive and inviting selections that will induce tranquil states, reduce stress and bring about a heightened awareness of beauty, a sense of gratitude and a full engagement with life. As reported in the Spafinder Wellness 365 Report, the market for alternative healing in the US alone is worth over 30 billion dollars, providing a tremendous opportunity to provide a legally licensed music product to this segment to protect artists' work.

About RadioIO:

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