Fort Worth, TX, June 25, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EY celebrated Clane LaCrosse in a ceremony on Saturday, June 21st with the Southwest Region Entrepreneur Of The Year award in the Cleantech category. "I am honored for the recognition as an Entrepreneur Of The Year by EY," said Clane LaCrosse, founder, president and CEO for Bosque Systems. The selection of the leading entrepreneurs was made by an independent judging panel made up of previous winners of the award, leading CEOs, private capital investors and other regional business leaders. Regional award winners are eligible for consideration for the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year National Program.  Award winners in several national categories, as well as the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year National Overall Award winner, will be announced at the annual awards gala in Palm Springs, California, on November 15, 2014.

Bosque Systems, LLC, a full service provider of water management services, was founded in 2007. Under Clane's leadership, the company became profitable within three months of operation.  Clane's motivation and perseverance came from his conviction that U.S. producers would adjust their social consciousness towards responsible management of their most important resource - water. The company, which grew out of a dream, is worth today $250 million dollars and has experienced a 60% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) since its inception.   Mr. LaCrosse explains that "instead of using 100 barrels of water one time, we want to encourage operators to use one barrel 100 times."

Millions of gallons of fresh, produced, and flowback water are used to perform hydraulic fracturing. Those various sources may not be compatible with each other or with formation fluids and minerals. Fluid and formation incompatibility can lead to severe scaling and/or fouling issues that can permanently damage a well or lead to high remediation costs. Bosque Systems has patented several technologies including DIONIXTM, ScaleStopTM, AnCatTM and BATTM to eliminate contamination from bacteria, sulfate, and other dissolved solids ensuring a higher return on investment for oil and gas producers.

Recycling and reuse programs are increasingly popular, especially in regions of Texas where local sourcing of freshwater can be a challenge. In addition, the Texas Railroad Commission established a ruling in 2013 to facilitate operators to recycle their produced and flowback water. To achieve a sustainable water supply system to support exploration and production efforts, water resources must be viewed in an integrated fashion.  After careful analysis of the operators' water needs, Bosque Systems plans the development of water pipelines in production corridors, connects multiple high volume tanks or frac pits across large production areas, maps pipeline routes, and verifies the economic viability of the project. In the drought-prone Wolfcamp play, Bosque leads in reusing 100% of flowback and produced water for their partners.  As a result, fresh water withdrawal has been minimized and traffic drastically reduced by using pipeline and storage tanks.  Bosque blends up to 30% recycled and treated water which is mixed with fresh water at the well site. One customer commented: "We're using 100% of the produced water we have.  If we were producing more water, we'd use it." This operator has now used about 3 million barrels of recycled water which would have been entirely freshwater.  This past year, 70 wells have been completed in the Wolfcamp using blended water.

Bosque Systems is on its way to process more than 300 million barrels of produced and flowback water this year, more than 6 times the volume of its closest competitor. Bosque Systems' founder is recognized as a leading expert in the disposal well, water treatment, logistical and recycling industries serving oil and gas operators.

Clane and his wife, Rosana, have been married for thirteen years and have four children. The family resides in Dallas, TX.

About Bosque Systems, LLC

Bosque Systems, LLC is a diversified oil and gas fluids management service company promoting environmentally responsible practices throughout the recovery, transportation, storage, treatment, recycling, and handling process of Pre-frac, Flowback and Produced water, and other fluids. Bosque Systems is well positioned to be the premier oil and natural gas fluids management service company in the United States.

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