Survey Reveals Customer Service Is the Most Important Criteria for Smartphone Buyers

B2X and Motorola Mobility LLC Sponsor a Survey That Digs Into the Mobile Device Use and Service Expectations of American Consumers

SAN FRANCISCO, CA and MUNICH, GERMANY--(Marketwired - Jun 25, 2014) - B2X Care Solutions, the leading provider of customer care for electronic devices and Motorola Mobility LLC, today announced the results of a sponsored survey on mobile device use and service expectations of American consumers. The survey polled more than 500 US-based smartphone and tablet users on their experiences with their devices. 

Overall, customer support and after sales service were the most important purchase criteria for new smartphone and tablet buyers. Additionally, the ease of use, type of operating system and level of innovation ranked as other top decision making criteria for all device users. With 23 percent of Americans spending over $1,000 on new devices a year, that is a pretty significant indication for OEMs and brands.

Additionally, the B2X Customer Care Survey revealed the following findings:

  • Americans Are Addicted to Their Smartphones
    • 74 percent keep their smartphones within reach throughout the entire day
    • 60 percent sleep with their phones and that number increases to 84 percent in the 18-29 year olds demographic, while their European counterparts are more likely to keep their devices in the next room
    • 17 percent of women would give up their best friend for a week instead of their smartphone
    • 53 percent keep their phone sound on even while they sleep
  • Americans Break Their Phones Frequently, Yet Want Their Repairs Done Quickly and Often Don't Know Where to go for Support
    • 25 percent of respondents have a problem with or question about their smartphone/tablet at least once a year
    • 30 percent of users have no idea where to get help if they need support
    • 70 percent of Americans expect repairs within the same day
    • Software problems and damage to the display are the two most common reasons for using a repair service
    • 10 percent of phones that are being repaired are fixed correctly the first time, and another 10 percent come back with a new problem that did not previously exist
  • Texting is the Most Popular Form of Communication, and Teens are the Most Frequent Users:
    • 86% of Americans primarily use their phone for Text Messaging
    • Almost 20% of people between the age of 16-20 spend more than five hours on their phones, which is more than double that of any other age group

"At Motorola, we consider customer care to be of the utmost importance. In fact, we find it so vital, that we've reengineered the consumer experience for Motorola users with a new service and repair model whereby the customer is our central focus," said Donald Hicks Sr. Director Business Operations and Strategy at Motorola Mobility LLC. "Through our partnership with B2X, we have been able to enhance our customers experience by improving our repair and replacement options while becoming more efficient and cost effective.

"This survey further proves our belief that customer care should be the top priority for all device manufacturers, insurance providers and wireless carriers in the mobile industry" said Raul Sfat of B2X. "Therefore, we believe that enabling our clients to provide the most efficient, unprecedented customer care allows them to attract and maintain loyal consumers."

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