TEL-AVIV, Israel, July 3, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via PRWEB - If you enjoy shopping online, then June, July and August are excellent months during which to engage your shopping pleasure. Summertime is filled with special end of season savings. With no major holidays in the US besides the 4th of July and many people away on vacation, retailers put extra effort into getting shoppers' attention away from the beaches and barbecues. This means you can obtain your desired product at significantly discounted prices. There are huge savings on everything from gifts, household goods, technology products, and of course, vacation packages for travel abroad. When you add to these sales coupons and cashback offers, there is no better time for online shopping than the summer months.

In time for the summer sales, Tsafrir Peles, CEO of jollywallet, explains how to get the most out of your shopping. Peles is an expert in saving money when shopping online. His company has developed an online shopping tool, aptly called jollywallet, which enables customers to receive cashback from a variety of leading Internet stores.

"The best time for online shopping enthusiasts is during the summer," explains Peles. "During this period, one can find multiple discounts on a wide range of products." These offerings can be overwhelming. In order to successfully wade through all the saving possibilities, it is important to work methodically and patiently. Otherwise, you may find yourself buying much more than you planned and losing money rather than saving it.

Peles recommends a few important rules of shopping conduct during this period:

1. Plan Ahead – The market is flooded with products and seemingly good deals. It is best to prepare in advance a shopping list of the exact products and gifts that you wish to purchase, and then focus your shopping on these items. According to Peles, "A lot of people think they can simply log on to an online shopping site and easily find what suits them. The problem is 'information overload.' The Internet is swamped with information, products, advertisements, sales offerings, and special deals--all of which can be confusing. Or worse, a customer may buy a product that accidentally caught his eyes, leading to a totally unintended expenditure, disappointment and regret. All of this can be avoided by proper planning before entering the online shopping marketplace."

2. Compare prices. Most of the online retailers begin advertising sales several days before the rush periods, for example 4th of July weekend. With your organized list of the exact products you want to purchase, do some online price comparison research before the inundation of sales advertisements. "This way, when you are ready to buy a product, you will already be armed with the best and most up-to-date information about pricing possibilities, and you will waste no time weeding through the online sales extravaganza to locate your product. You will come away feeling much better about your online shopping experience," adds Peles.

3. Do not buy everything at once. Each sales period tends to have certain products on sale. For example, before the 4th of July, one can find significant discounts on vacation packages for traveling. "Every sale period brings its own savings opportunity on select products and services," says Peles. "Take advantage of the seasonal theme and buy just those products in the relevant period."

4. Let technology do some of the work for you. Apps and browser add-ons, like jollywallet, help online shoppers find the best deals and save money. With a wide selection of Internet retailers selling any one consumer item, cashback offers are an added bonus that can make a big difference in the final cost. "Many shoppers are unaware of the option of cashback and that's too bad," commented Peles. "jollywallet offers cashback at many of the largest online retailers, such as BestBuy and Gap, where people shop regularly anyway. Why not enjoy an added extra savings?"

5. Not an online shopper? Here's a little tip for you - even if you are not a fan of online shopping and prefer to hop in the car and visit your local shopping mall, you can still save money from online shopping sources. "You do not have to shop on the Internet to save. If you find the product you desire at your bricks and mortar store, you can easily use your mobile device to do a little price comparison. Then you will know if the in-the-store sales price is really a good deal. This simple tip can save you quite a bit of money," concludes Peles.

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