MAYNARD, MA--(Marketwired - Jul 15, 2014) -  Stratus Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of availability solutions, today announced the launch of its world-class global partner program. The new tiered program provides channel partners with three levels of exclusive participation to meet their individual business objectives. Participating partners benefit from compelling incentives, a broad range of certification and accreditation options and significant margin opportunities, while providing their customers with the industry's most trusted platform and software-defined availability solutions. These availability solutions from Stratus enable end users to keep their applications up and running continuously in today's always-on world.

"We live in a world where everything is connected -- from our smart phones, mobile devices and computers, to our cars, office buildings, banks, restaurants and stores. Regardless of the industry, we expect applications in finance, transportation, healthcare, government, public safety, utilities, manufacturing, telecommunications, and building systems to be accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year," said Susan Bailey, vice president of sales and services Americas at Stratus. "It is challenging for organizations to maintain their applications and services capabilities around the clock and this is the opportunity we uniquely offer to the channel -- the absolute assurance that their customers' applications will be continuously available."

Under the new program, channel partners have the ability to sell Stratus' full line of software and platform availability solutions that are used by small and medium-sized companies, as well as global Fortune 500 enterprises, to run some of the most demanding applications in the world -- applications that simply can't fail or tolerate any downtime. With flexible availability solutions that run in physical, virtualized and cloud environments on a variety of operating systems, Stratus prevents downtime before it occurs and ensures uninterrupted performance of essential business operations. Stratus' solutions are easy to deploy and manage, and can be installed directly into customers' existing infrastructures.

The three partnership levels Stratus offers -- Registered Partner, Silver Partner and Gold Partner -- all include detailed product information and updates, product discounts, and access to Stratus' Education & Certification portal and resource center. Silver status also includes incremental discounts and a compelling demo program. Gold status builds on these tiers with personalized support from a Stratus channel manager, invitations to exclusive Gold Partner events and the ability to serve as the first point of contact for Stratus sales leads. Silver and Gold partners achieve their designation based on their respective investment levels. Beyond these benefits, Stratus partners operating in multiple geographies receive global coverage, 24/7 technical support and pre-sales support through the company's comprehensive network of experienced systems engineers.

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Supporting Quotes:
Robert Dinsmore, High Availability Product Manager, SolutionsPT
"Stratus products form the backbone of our offering to customers looking for a high level of resilience for critical systems. As a distributor in the manufacturing and industrial automation sectors our customers tend to be large factory and infrastructure type deployments where the implications of downtime can be severe. These businesses need uptime combined with longevity and operational simplicity and Stratus helps us deliver all these things to our customer base. Our relationship with Stratus stretches back over ten years but their products remain as relevant as before if not more so with the growing rise of virtualisation in our sector. We are committed to keeping up to date with Stratus' technology through training our pre-sales, product expert and support staff and are currently working towards becoming a full service partner so we can offer the benefits of the Stratus ASN to our customer base directly. We are working towards gold partner status and Stratus continues to be a large part of our future growth plans."

Heiko Lossau, Business Development Manager, ADN® Advanced Digital Network Distribution GmbH
"As a Value Added Distribution partner of Stratus, we have been selling everRun solutions for more than five years. Highly available IT-Infrastructures were once only a requirement in environments such as finance or energy where the impact of a system failure would be severe and extremely costly to the business. But in today's always-on world there's an increasing demand for higher availability levels across more diverse industry sectors and enterprise sizes. At ADN we look for highly skilled partners with great technology who can understand and respond to the unique environments our customers operate in and the challenges they face. Stratus' heritage in availability combined with their flexible and easy to use solutions achieve exactly that."

Haruo Nakayama, Senior Executive General Manager, Computer Systems Products Div II, Ryoyo Electro Corporation
"Ryoyo Electro welcomes the announcement of a partnership with Stratus. Their approach to software Defined Availability will bring real value to businesses looking to protect their critical applications in some of our more traditional markets such as manufacturing and retail, as well as in new areas such as system management solution infrastructures. At Ryoyo Electro we expect our growing partnership with Stratus to accelerate new business and provide value added services to our customers."

Subbaram Gowra, CEO, Gowra Bits & Bytes, (GBB) India
"As System Integrators our customers expect us to deliver simple yet efficient solutions that are quick to deploy and easy to manage. Stratus' availability solutions totally meet those requirements. Partnering with Stratus has helped us transform our business to an "uptime centric" approach that delivers a compelling value proposition to customers who simply cannot afford system downtime. Stratus' flexible software and platform solutions, combined with their services, significantly enhance our portfolio and enable us to establish long-term relationships with our customers."

Atul Thapar, Managing Director, Providence Australia
"Partnering with Stratus Technologies enables my company to leverage the premier brand, credibility and breadth of products in mission critical computing. Our combined expertise in availability addresses both software and hardware continuous computing in an increasingly "Always-On" world. Providence Solutions in Australia is, like Stratus, solely focussed on providing the best-in-class and trusted solutions that guarantee business uptime. The simplicity of Stratus' availability products and in-built service combined with our extensive experience and consultative approach delivers the right business continuity outcomes and the highest standards of service to every customer."

Naoki Ike, Executive Officer, General Manager, IT Engineering Div. IT Platform Solutions Group, SCSK Corporation
"SCSK welcomes the announcement of our partnership with Stratus. We have confidence that the packaging of our solution with Stratus' fault-tolerant products will meet the IT needs of customers across a broad set of industries, including healthcare. SCSK, as a global IT services company, is building a robust partnership with Stratus that will contribute to solving our customers' business issues and create new added value."

About Stratus Technologies
Stratus Technologies is the leading provider of infrastructure based solutions that keep applications running continuously in today's always-on world. Stratus enables rapid deployment of always-on infrastructures, from enterprise servers to clouds, without any changes to applications. Stratus' flexible solutions -- software, platform and services -- prevent downtime before it occurs and ensure uninterrupted performance of essential business operations.