LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Jul 15, 2014) - Tyrant Interactive Media, LLC today announced it signed an agreement with software developer Raster Media, LLC to develop its software applications as well as an advisor on all its proprietary systems and technology.

Tyrant Interactive obtained initial funding by venture capital firm Legion Capital America, LLC controlled by entrepreneur investor Fabrizio Boccardi.

Tyrant Interactive envisioned a proprietary system and application that could substantially improve or change the method of buying or selling any product or service. A separate casino gaming version is also under development. The new systems and applications will be part of the first generation of products under the Tyrant brand umbrella.

"We are honored to have been chosen for such an ambitious project. With proper execution the potential is truly substantial," said Michael Smith, CEO of Raster Media. "The project is ambitious because it provides a service and a product that is needed in the marketplace and in our opinion will be very well received among the public."

Tyrant Interactive aims to be ready for launch by the end of summer 2015, and expects to raise additional capital through Legion Capital America, third parties or both, for anticipated Series A round financing when the product is completed and patented, said Cameron Andrews, a spokesperson for Tyrant Interactive.

About Tyrant Interactive Media, LLC.
Tyrant Interactive Media LLC develops and publishes proprietary software, platforms, and interactive games based on Internet protocol licensed by King Midas World Entertainment. Tyrant Interactive Media LLC operates as a subsidiary of King Midas World Entertainment, Inc.

About Legion Capital America, LLC.
Legion Capital America, LLC, (LCA) is a venture capital and private equity firm focused on new media, licensing, digital, gaming, and mobile business investment opportunities.

About King Midas World Entertainment Inc.
Aptly based in Las Vegas, King Midas World Entertainment is focused on the development of its brands and proprietary franchises and their application in the publishing, casino, movie, entertainment, social and interactive media, technology and hospitality industries.

About Raster Media
Raster Media is a full-service web, mobile, cloud and enterprise design & development software firm located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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