Sotheby's and Christie's are not the only ones gone Real Estate: Crowdfunding Heats up the Realty Investing Scene #crowdfundrealty

On 18 July 2014, all roads will lead to the Draper University of Heroes in San Mateo City, California for a one-day global conference on Real Estate Crowdfunding.

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

San Mateo, California, July 16, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  The Soho Loft Media Group and FundingPost together with Victoria Global  bring together the biggest names in the industry for an in-depth discussion on the present progress and future growth of real estate ventures, including seed stage positioning, through crowdfunding.

The 3rd in a series, the Global Real Estate Crowdfunding Conference starts off with a morning workshop on Pitch Presentation, regarded as one of the most crucial in early stage. Joe Rubin, Director of FundingPost, a veteran in this field with 200+ events under his belt,  is at the helm of this exciting workshop.

Ron Suber, President of Prosper Marketplace, will be the keynote speaker in the conference. He is a leading expert in peer-to-peer lending with over 20 years of sales, marketing and business development experience. Last year they raised $25MM from Sequioa.

Also headlining the event is Don Butler, the Managing Director of Thomvest Ventures,  a leading company guiding investments for development from early to growth stage and centering largely on advertising and financial technologies including the use of SaaS.

David Drake, founder of The Soho Loft Media Group, a familiar figure in the industry who predicted a robust market with the advent of Crowdfunding, will moderate the event. "We expect to draw the most creative minds in the business. It is a rejuvenated industry and everyone is excited. So it's going to be a full house", David said.

Sydney Armani, a crowdfunding visionary and publisher of, shares the stage with David as moderator.

The conference has an impressive list of resource speakers.  They are:

 Adam Hooper, CEO, RealCrowd

AdaPia d'Errico, Chief Marketing Officer, Patch of Land

Allan Young, Founder, Runway

Benjamin Miller, Co-Founder, Fundrise

Ben Dubin, formerly Managing Partner of Asset Management Ventures

Brian Dally, Co-founder and CEO, Groundfloor

Bruce Lipnick, CEO and Chairman of the Board, Asset Alliance

Dan Farrell, Chairman & CEO, Privos Capital

Dewayne J. Lener, Director New Business Development, Ascenergy

Don Butler, Managing Director, Thomvest Ventures

James Aldrich, CEO and Founder, PropFunds LP

Jilliene Helman, Founder and CEO, Realty Mogul

Joey Jelinek,  Co-Founder of GroundBreaker

Jorge Newbery, Founder and CEO, American Homeowner Preservation

Nav Athwal, co-founder and CEO, Realty Shares

Richard Liebman, CFO and CIO, Brightline Consulting (Family Office)

Ridaa Murad, Managing Director, Christina Development Corporation

Steve Cinelli, Founder & CEO, Primarq

William Skelley, Founder, Chairman & CEO, iFunding

Topics span the whole gamut of crowdfunding experience, which  includes:

Real Estate Crowdfunding Technology and Innovations

Market Development through Real Estate Crowdfunding

Real Estate Investments with a Cause

Borderless and Transparent: Crowdfunding for Realty

This conference is designed to showcase the various ways in which funding for real estate can be accessed and the tools available on the market that can be utilized to achieve this end. Find out how the new crowdfunding moguls are etching their names into real estate like the international brands Christie's and Sotheby's, and be part of the new revolution in real estate investing.

Aside from Victoria Global, other sponsors of this gathering are: LDJ Capital, Times Realty News,  Global Crowd News, PropFunds L.P. and Victoria Partners.

With more than 150 years of experience in purchasing, operating and selling real estate, PropFunds will undeniably underwrite your investment to best maximize its value. CEO and Founder of Propfunds, James Aldrich says,  "PropFunds isn't a tech company that is dabbling in real estate - far from it.  PropFunds is a real estate investment company using crowdfunding and the latest technologies available to allow us to work directly with our clients.  PropFunds' deep knowledge of multifamily, single tenant NNN, industrial, office and hospitality properties sets us apart from the pack."

Right after the real estate conference, The Soho Loft and FundingPost is launching the Angel Investor Education Day on August 6, 2014 for angel investors and high net worth individuals. Come a day earlier, and attend the pre-event dinner and be inspired by  Brian Cohen, the Chairman of New York Angels and John May, the Chair-Emeritus of the Angel Capital Association and other founding members and angel investors.  Then, do not leave New York City without attending the post event dinner and cocktail party the following night. This is your opportunity to meet the closing keynote and more founding members and angel  investors.

Do not miss the Breakfast Fundraiser with US Senator Chris Coons on 8 August 2014 also in the city that never sleeps. The Soho Loft is hosting this breakfast where the esteemed Senator will enlighten us with the Startup Innovation Credit he is sponsoring as part of the R&D tax credit bill among other topics.

The world is tipping on its axis and forcing traditional methods of conducting business to the wall, allowing newer innovations the edge. Learn how to make real estate investments, the crowdfunding way!

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