CAMPBELL, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 16, 2014) - Exalt Communications, Inc., the leading innovator of next-generation wireless connectivity systems for private networks and Internet infrastructures, today announced that FibAire Communications, LLC dba AireBeam, Arizona's premier provider of FibAire Optic™ Broadband and VOIP (ePhone™) telephony services, has deployed a 150-mile gigabit Ethernet backbone using Exalt ExploreAir systems. The AireBeam network serves more than 5,000 business and residential customers in Pinal, Maricopa, Cochise, and Yavapai counties in Arizona.

AireBeam selected microwave as its primary network technology because fiber connectivity was unavailable in most of the areas it serves, and trenching new fiber would have been cost-prohibitive. The company operates 120 microwave access points located throughout the counties, covering approximately 5,000 square miles of inhabited area. By using Exalt all-outdoor microwave backhaul systems in the 11 GHz and 18 GHz frequencies, the company gains fiber-like network throughput with the highest reliability.

"We chose Exalt because of a number of important factors, not the least of which were price/performance, a complete outdoor designed solution, proven reliability in hostile environments like Arizona during the summer and monsoon seasons, and support," said AireBeam's owner, Gregory Friedman. "We are extremely satisfied with our choice. The network's performance has been exactly as it was predicted to be in path length studies performed by Exalt application engineers."

The AireBeam network carries Internet access and VoIP traffic for its customers, and the gigabit Ethernet backhaul throughput delivered by Exalt ensures that there will be plenty of bandwidth for future service scalability.

"Demand for high speed Internet access is as strong in rural areas as in urban environments, but fiber is usually not an option because of its high cost and lack of availability," said Amir Zoufonoun, CEO of Exalt. "Innovative companies like Airebeam, who serve both rural business and residential customers, use Exalt systems to profitably deliver fiber quality connectivity at affordable rates, and future-proof their networks to stay ahead of ever-increasing customer demand."

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