SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 17, 2014) - Imgur, the fastest growing image sharing platform on the web, today introduces search and discovery features that will enhance the user experience by pulling the best and most relevant content, providing a personalized experience for every Imgurian. More than 1.5 million images are uploaded to Imgur each day, creating a virtually endless stream of entertaining content for users to sift through. 

Imgur's new experience is built around user-driven tagging of images that's deeply integrated across the site. This core feature empowers each user to curate a custom Imgur experience that aligns with specific interests, and improves as users spend more time on the site. 

Users can also suggest and vote on descriptive image tags, which will power new and significantly enhanced search capabilities. Sorting by category will help Imgur identify trends as they're happening -- like when an image goes viral -- which creates new revenue opportunities on the business development, partnership, and advertising fronts.

"We've grown so quickly, and it's critical that we continue to deliver an experience to our users that makes the time they spend on our site as personal to them and as enjoyable as possible," said Alan Schaaf, founder and CEO, Imgur. "With 130 million users and 1.5 million images uploaded every day, there's an incredible depth of amazing content to dive into. This new set of features significantly empowers our community to explore and enjoy the full scope of the web's most viral content."

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tl;dr The new Imgur experience brings you more funny cats and pug gifs!

About Imgur

Known as The Simple Image Sharer, Imgur provides a fast and easy service for sharing images with the Internet. The company offers free image hosting, paid Pro subscriptions, and a robust API. The site features the Imgur Gallery, a real-time collection of the most popular images being circulated on the Internet.

Founder Alan Schaaf launched Imgur in February of 2009 when he was a junior at Ohio University. The site immediately gained favor with users of social media sites and online communities due to its ease of use, anonymous uploads, and unlimited bandwidth restrictions. To try Imgur, visit

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