Wearable Internet of Things Innovator Sensoria Raises Series A Investment From Reply SpA

Reply to Leverage Sensoria Developer Kit to Create Next Generation IoT and Wearable Solutions

LOS ANGELES, July 17, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sensoria Inc. a leading wearable technology and Internet of Things (IoT) developer, announced today at Wearable Tech LA that it has signed a term sheet with Reply SpA (REY:BrsaItaliana) for a Series A investment round. Reply SpA will acquire twenty percent interest in Sensoria, and will also work closely with its customers and industry partners to build 'Internet of Everyone' products, by maximizing the Sensoria SDK, the first open development platform based on both traditional and bio-sensing fabric sensors.

"The Internet of Things is fueling the next wave of technology innovation," said Reply SpA Chairman Mario Rizzante. "We are extremely excited to closely partner with Sensoria who has built the first truly open, wearable development platform. We see tremendous potential synergies between their team and our system integration groups in Europe and in the United States. Together we can leverage the power of the Sensoria Developer Kit to reach out to business and technology leaders and deliver unique, meaningful and quantified experiences for our enterprise customers in an increasingly broader range of industries."

The Sensoria multidisciplinary team is comprised of materials engineers, software and hardware engineers, product and user experience experts. The first collection of Sensoria wearable technologies includes a sports bra, t-shirt and socks that track your biometric data via textile sensors embedded into the fabric. These sensors are connected to on board electronics designed for each garment to relay heart rate, activity, running form, wellness and fitness levels to the Sensoria mobile app in real-time, giving the wearer and his trusted medical or training advisor actionable information.

"Smart clothing helps professional athletes, as well as everyday fitness enthusiasts, to improve performance and monitor health and wellness in real time," said Davide Vigano, co-founder and chief executive officer of Sensoria Inc. "Sensoria is becoming the 'Internet of Everyone' wearable platform provider. Thanks to our technology, comprised of textile and traditional sensors, electronics, cloud and mobile software, each garment becomes a biometric data-gathering device."

Continued Vigano, "This round of financing, coupled with Reply's system integration capabilities and business reach will help us to accelerate the pace of innovation, convert data into wisdom and make vision become reality for our customers and partners."

As part of the transaction Heapsylon, a Nevada limited liability company, has grown into Sensoria Inc., a Delaware corporation. The company was founded based on the vision that clothing would become the fulcrum between the Internet of Things and People (IoT and IoP) as a seamless, naturally wearable body-sensing computer. Sensoria will use the funding to drive engineering, sales and marketing efforts.

For more information on Sensoria, please visit: www.sensoriainc.com.

About Sensoria Inc.

The Garment is The Computer™. Headquartered in Redmond, Wash., Sensoria Inc. is a leading developer of IoE (Internet of Everyone) wearable platforms and devices that improve people's lives. The proprietary e-textile sensor platform enables Sensoria powered apparel to deliver critical life changing information to health and fitness users. Sensoria® is a registered trademark of Sensoria Inc. For further information on Sensoria, please visit: www.sensoriainc.com.

About Reply SpA

Reply SpA [MTA, STAR: REY] specializes in the design and implementation of solutions based on new communication channels and digital media. Through its network of specialist companies, Reply supports some of Europe's leading industrial groups in Telco & Media, Manufacturing & Services, Finance, and Healthcare and Public Administration to define and develop business models, suited to the new paradigms of Big Data, Cloud Computing, Digital Media and the Internet of Things (IOT) and the Internet of People (IOP). Reply services include: Consulting, System Integration and Digital Services. www.reply.eu.  


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