SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 17, 2014) - Ensighten, the leading global enterprise data and tag management provider and company behind the Agile Marketing Platform, today announced Ensighten Inform™, which delivers the first unified platform for website testing, monitoring and tag deployment for marketing and IT teams.

Historically, Web page testing, page performance and tagging inspection have all been accomplished with different tools, siloed within IT. As the only centralized solution of its kind, Ensighten Inform provides marketers with visibility into the impact of their tag deployments by delivering daily confirmation of website performance and functionality. Website tags are used for site analytics, retargeting and many other critical marketing initiatives. Ensighten Inform, unified within Ensighten Manage, combines testing functions as part of the standard tag management processes and within a user interface (UI) designed for marketers.

"Up to this point, testing and monitoring have required deep technical knowledge," said Josh Manion, Ensighten founder and CEO. "Even when marketers have deployed their own tags through a tag management system, they have needed to rely on IT for tag and site monitoring. Ensighten Inform changes the game by empowering marketers to test and monitor their website from a user-friendly workflow within Ensighten Manage. Marketers will be able to identify and address critical website issues, allowing them, for the first time, to truly own their customer experiences."

"We are excited about how Ensighten Inform will help our marketing teams identify problems proactively," said Michael Beddard, Marketing Technologies Manager at Symantec.

Ensighten Inform provides three areas of testing:

  • Web Page Testing: Page tests provide tag performance data across browsers and operating systems by testing tag deployments on a page, syntax testing for tag requests and tag code validity.
  • Performance Testing: Performance tests give comprehensive, multi-browser metrics to help marketers understand how tag deployments are impacting performance issues such as page load and connection times.
  • Critical Path Testing: Critical path tests ensure that essential site functionality such as registration and checkout flows are working correctly. Marketers can define their own critical paths as appropriate for their business.

"We are excited to use Ensighten Inform's critical path tests for our insurance quotes and application forms," said Kristi Barrow, Digital Analytics Manager at Suncorp. "Ensighten Inform will help us identify issues that impact these funnels, and we expect this will help us improve the customer experience and our conversion rates."

Over 15 enterprise Ensighten customers will begin using Ensighten Inform as part of a Limited Release, including global brands such as Symantec, Suncorp and Virgin Australia.

Ensighten Inform will be in Limited Release through August. The platform will be available in General Availability (GA) in September 2014.

Ensighten, the global leader in omni-channel data and tag management, is changing the face of digital marketing by transforming the way enterprises collect, own and act on their customer data across all marketing channels and devices. The Ensighten Agile Marketing Platform (AMP) enables enterprises to achieve true one-to-one personalization, accelerate the execution and optimization of their marketing initiatives and deliver superior user experiences. The Ensighten AMP, with its unique hybrid-tagging technology, powers companies generating over $1.9 trillion in revenue in over 150 countries. The world's leading brands (Microsoft, Capital One, United Airlines, T-Mobile and Walmart) achieve marketing agility by implementing Ensighten's single line of code. Ensighten is headquartered in Silicon Valley, with offices in New York and London. To learn more visit, and join the conversation on LinkedIn and Twitter @ensighten.

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