NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jul 21, 2014) - Launched today, Beauty Mirror is a new iOS mobile app that allows users to enhance their image in real-time video, using an iPhone or iPad as a virtual mirror. Through live 3D face tracking the app gives users the ability to apply customizable facial skin and anti-aging effects to every angle of their face instantly as they look into the camera. Unlike other photo editing apps, Beauty Mirror's skin transformations are seamless and designed to produce an improved image only noticeably edited to the user.

"Beauty Mirror is designed to give users a very natural looking modified image through the addition of subtle effects, like skin clearing and slight weight loss," said Miriam Pettinen, director of partnerships and mobile strategy. "We're excited to bring an app to the marketplace that will not leave users looking very obviously edited, but instead just slightly more polished."

Through live simulation the app updates face location and pose every 0.03 seconds as up to 14 customizable effects are applied to the face instantly while the user looks into the camera. Some of the effects include eye enlargement, facelift, skin clearing, acne reduction and weight loss.

Users are able to take a picture of themselves at any point or record their transformation as a video, which is then saved directly to their device for sharing on social networks. In the coming months Beauty Mirror technology will be integrated as filters that users will be able to apply while using video chatting programs. The technology will also be used by several anti-aging and skin-care brands for in-store product simulation.

Beauty Mirror is now available as a free download and for more information, please visit:

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