LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - July 22, 2014) - Avalanche International Corporation (OTCQB: AVLP), announced today that it filed its most recent Form 10-Q on July 21 and now provides this update for investors.

The Company on May 19, 2014 changed its business model in conjunction with the change of management previously announced on May 14, 2014. The business was a distributor of crystallized glass tile in North American markets to wholesale customers and converted to a holding company with the formation of its wholly-owned subsidiary, Smith and Ramsay Brands, LLC. The new subsidiary is a manufacturer and distributor of premium E-Liquids and Vape accessories. Smith and Ramsay Brands, LLC is a company focused on providing products and services to its retail partners in the exciting and explosive E-Liquid space. "Vape" and "Vaping" are the common terms used to refer to the use of vaporizers by consumers which has grown out of the increasing popular use of electronic cigarettes and other devices as an alternative to traditional cigarette and other tobacco sources. The segment of this new industry that produces liquids that are used in conjunction with vaporizers and e-cigarettes is known as E-Liquids.

Smith and Ramsay Brands, LLC currently has a single line of premium vape liquid, its signature brand Smith and Ramsay which is featured on its web site, Smith and Ramsay is in its pre-launch phase, having been manufactured, packaged and beginning to generate revenue in its test markets. Smith and Ramsay Brands will operate as a manufacturer and distributor of flavored "smoking" vaporizer liquids for electronic vaporizers and cigarettes.

The use of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers has been accelerated by state and local legislation outlawing the smoking of tobacco products in public places. Over the past five years the Vape marketplace has grown to $1.5 billion, according to Vaping News, and has begun to offer various flavors, nicotine levels and other attributes to produce a unique and customized experience. The Company believes that as the market matures there will be a natural increasing demand for better quality products and varying flavors appetizing to a diverse consumer base. Through Smith and Ramsay Brands, the Company plans to provide a wide variety of high quality vapor liquids in a commercial manner to assure product integrity and consistency.

A March 24th, 2014 Wells Fargo Equity Research report bifurcates the market into E-cigarettes and a secondary market referred to as Vapors/Tanks or E-Vapor. The report suggests that the overall market in the U.S. is currently at $2bn dollars with a 65%/35% split between E-Cigarettes to E-Vapor.

A report suggests that the growth of the E-Vapor segment is increasing faster that the overall sales of the E-Cig market. It appears that the drivers behind this growth include: 1) users' natural progression from E-Cigs; 2) consumer affordability, with E-Vapor costing 20% less than rechargeable e-cigarettes, and 40% less than disposable E-Cigs; and 3) the ability of the consumer to personalize devices, and receive better nicotine delivery and overall product performance. The report states, "Our view that vapor/tank growth is accelerating and taking share from E-Cigs, making Vapor/Tank an increasing threat was substantiated by our survey as respondents expect Vapors/Tanks to grow at 2x the rate of the E-Vapor category in 2014 with attractive margins that rival combustible cigs. Therefore, if the robust growth of the Vapor/Tank category continues and is not hindered by FDA regulation, we expect big tobacco has no choice but to enter this category either organically or via acquisition."

Smith and Ramsay plans on rapidly moving into the market place upon launch of its Smith and Ramsay signature brand, expanding aggressively with additional flavors in the signature brand, and expanding through additional new brands and the acquisition and distribution of signature and non-signature accessories. The signature line of premium E-Liquids will focus on the Vape store and traditional smoke shop markets, while another brand product line and offerings will focus on the convenience store and gas station marketplace, and other lines will target ethnic-specific markets, etc. Additional products within these brand lines as well as external to these lines will focus on a combination hardware/liquid market that includes disposable devices with preloaded liquid, and/or preloaded cartridges for use in specific types of devices.

In a another matter, the Company's Board of Directors announced today that on the evening of July 21, 2014 it has authorized and approved a 2 for 1 forward stock split upon review and approval of FINRA. The Company anticipates the split to occur sometime during the month of August 2014.

The Company's management consists of Phil Mansour, Chief Executive Officer and Director and Rachel Boulds, Chief Financial Officer. The Company's principal offices are located at 5940 S. Rainbow Blvd., Las Vegas, Nevada 89118. The Company's web domain is

About Avalanche International Corp.
Avalanche International Corporation is a Nevada corporation and holding company currently with one wholly-owned subsidiary, Smith and Ramsay Brands, LLC, a manufacturer and distributor of E-Liquids for the burgeoning E-Vapor marketplace. The E-Vapor marketplace serves as an alternative to cigarettes and other traditional tobacco smoking habits and has been rapidly expanding over the past 5 years. The Company manufactures its signature brand of E-Liquid, Smith and Ramsay, a line that features all natural flavors and will be produced in an environment formerly FDA approved. The Company's goal is to maintain a high standard of quality including to always ensure that the environment, processes and procedures continue to meet or exceed guidelines of the FDA, and are in line with ISO and cGMP standards.

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