The Board has now received incomplete information but from a reliable source
concerning the identity of Agrokultura's new key shareholder. It should either
be a Russian company named Prodimex and/or the key still unidentified investor
behind this company, having significant investments in land near to
Agrokultura's Russian assets. No information has yet been obtained regarding
possible financiers or other collaborations parties, if any, of this new
investor. Nor has Agrokultura's Board yet succeded to establish contact with the
new investor to hear more about the new investor's intentions and to obtain
confirmation on the new investor's current ownership level.
The Board has also received unconfirmed oral information from a known
shareholder representative that the stakes held by Schroders and Two Eye Fund
Ltd, have now been sold off-market. These two acquisitions, if purchased by the
new investor, would together with the confirmed disposal thus total some 26.8%
based on the information available to Agrokultura.
Stockholm 24 July 2014
For additional information, please contact:
Investor Relations, tel. +46730430884
About Agrokultura AB (publ)
Agrokultura invests in farmland and produces agricultural commodities in Russia
and Ukraine. The Group aims to generate an attractive return on invested capital
by optimally utilizing its agricultural land bank through crop production,
livestock and related operations. Shares in Agrokultura are listed in Sweden on
the Nasdaq OMX First North exchange under the ticker AGRA and the Group’s
Certified Adviser is Remium Nordic AB.