SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - Jul 24, 2014) - 2nd Watch, a provider of cloud deployment, management and monitoring services, announces a new service delivery model to simplify options and pricing for companies migrating applications and data to Amazon Web Services (AWS). The new model, called CM3, is based upon repeatable "building blocks" of services that 2nd Watch will select, deploy and manage for customers based on specific requirements and needs. Each service is priced separately, creating a highly transparent offering to ease budgeting and speed approvals for clients seeking to move quickly into the cloud.

The typical consulting methodology for cloud implementations can be a long, protracted process, especially at large companies. Such engagements often involve lengthy statements of work and an army of lawyers and other experts tasked with creating a custom plan from scratch and determining scope and price. Instead, 2nd Watch has adopted a service catalogue approach for its offerings, making it massively simpler for customers to evaluate, bundle and purchase cloud deployment services. 

The CM3 cloud building blocks include dozens of predefined services such as cloud readiness assessment, cloud roadmap, proof of concept, security compliance, implementation services and detailed architectural design. 2nd Watch will evaluate customer needs and goals and then select the ideal group of products for that company. By delivering repeatable products, 2nd Watch will also become more effective and efficient in delivering those services over time, passing off savings to customers.

2nd Watch has been developing CM3 with customers for over six months. The model is designed for mid-market and large enterprises moving critical business applications and data to AWS. CM3 can significantly decrease the time it takes to determine what steps a customer needs to take to transition to the cloud.

"Moving to the cloud can be complex when you consider all the variables involved, including organizational politics," says Matt Gerber, EVP, Sales and Marketing, 2nd Watch. "We're excited to make this process easier. CM3 allows our clients to complete an AWS deployment in days versus weeks, saving considerable time and money, but more importantly, clarifying a process that has the attention of senior managers and stakeholders at our client companies."

"We modeled the process after a purchasing approach that IT is very familiar with, by assigning part numbers, descriptions and prices to individual services," says Keith Carlson, EVP, Professional Services, 2nd Watch. "We think this delivery model will reduce planning and design time and lower risks while still offering companies plenty of flexibility."

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2nd Watch is a global leader in building, deploying and managing Amazon Web Services (AWS) based IT operations for enterprise customers. 2nd Watch assists customers in evaluating the economics of moving IT operations into AWS, designs and builds highly reliable and scalable AWS based enterprise IT platforms, and provides software tools and management services that enable enterprises to deploy, manage and optimize cloud based IT operations infrastructure. 2nd Watch has effectively moved over 2MW of enterprise data center capacity into the AWS cloud as part of 300+ platform and data center migrations. 2nd Watch is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and is headquartered in Liberty Lake, WA with offices in Seattle, San Francisco, and New York. For more information, try the TCO Calculator at, email, visit or call 1-888-317-7920.

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