AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - Jul 25, 2014) - Zing, a cloud-based Point of Sale (POS) start-up, today introduces its iPad app, Zing Register. Register gives merchants the tools they need to grow their business: account management, payment processing, and real-time data analysis. Completely mobile, Register features easy-to-use integrations that provide merchants with real-time access to all of their critical business information at anytime, from anywhere. When a customer makes a purchase over Register, the merchant will already know who they are, how they got there, and how they should handle them. Access to customer and company data is seamless -- the moment customer information changes, merchants know about it.

The Zing SaaS platform is hosted entirely online, so merchants can download and install the software to their local system, access their data from any location, and integrate Register with existing solutions and POS hardware that's already deployed. Updates, upgrades, and backups become Zing's responsibility, freeing up merchants to focus on their core business drivers rather than burn cycles on maintenance and operations.

"Enterprise-level merchants have benefitted from unified SaaS platforms and real-time operations for years, all of which require expensive custom development and integration," said Zing CTO, Zack Angelo. "Register leverages Zing's ability to bring enterprise-grade features and data access to SMB merchants while also leveraging the proven SaaS platforms -- such as Bigcommerce, MailChimp, and Quickbooks Online -- that they already rely on."

Historically, cloud-based POS companies have focused primarily on their own platforms with support and integration for existing systems falling very low on the priority scale. Because Zing believes that platform integrations are an important part of servicing its customer base, its platform is flexible and ala carte which allows users to add integrations and services as their needs evolve over time and their business grows. With Register, merchants receive unified customer analysis across all sales channels (marketplace and brick and mortar), and are able to deploy customer retargeting and use social channels to talk to their customers.

"As a business owner, the day-to-day should be less software management and more business growth. Zing's platform is intelligent and flexible enough to deliver relevant business data automatically rather than making the user ask for it," said Zing CEO, Nate Stewart. "Data can be accessed from anywhere and acted on instantly, which means quicker reaction times and better conversion for merchants."

With its SaaS platform, Zing sets itself apart from its competitors by giving merchants the flexibility and unsurpassed quality of its multiple, easy-to-use integrations. Right now, Register offers payments, ecommerce, and email marketing integrations, but that's just the start. Zing plans to roll-out additional integrations this year that include: social, shipping and order management; online ordering (e.g., food and retail); accounting; and employee timekeeping. In addition, Zing plans to make Register available across all iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows systems by the end of 2014.

Supporting Quotes:
"We have been using Zing for over three months and our experience with Bigcommerce integration has been both very smooth and easy," said Mustafa Salemwlla, Founder and CEO of Zawadee, Toronto. "The setup process was simple and easy to get started. The support has been impeccable and always resolved my questions in a timely fashion. Zing's POS is the solution for Bigcommerce stores that are looking to add the offline channel in a cost-effective way."

"Zing took our mom and pop shop out of our brick and mortar and put us right into our clients' hands. We are now able to sync our online inventory with our mobile sales and our warehouse! No more running out of stock or wondering where our product is -- it's all here in the palm of my hand!" - Monico, Microsterility, Texas

"In 2012, Alleyway Boutique opened its doors and chose Zing as our POS system. We've been set up and accepting payments through Zing ever since. We really like how Zing's integration with MailChimp has been smooth and easy: we turn it on, and it syncs all of our customers over to our list in MailChimp, allowing us to keep in easy contact with our most valued customers. Their tech support has also been prompt and easy to understand. Overall, I'm glad we chose Zing as our POS!" - Bonnie, Owner of Alleyway Boutique, New York

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