HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwired - Aug 15, 2014) - Northstar Healthcare Inc. ("Northstar" or the "Company") (TSX: NHC) today announced that it has elected to accelerate the expiry date of the common share purchase warrants (the "Warrants") originally issued by Northstar as part of its unit private placement completed on December 16, 2013 (the "Private Placement"). Each Warrant entitles the holder thereof to purchase one additional common share of Northstar at a price of $1.10.

Pursuant to the terms of the Private Placement, the expiry of the Warrants may be accelerated at any time prior to the expiry of the Warrants if the volume weighted average trading price of Northstar's shares on the Toronto Stock Exchange is greater than $1.40 for 10 consecutive trading days, at which time the Company may give notice in writing (the "Early Expiry Notice") to the Warrant holders that the Warrants shall expire on the 30th day following the giving of such Early Expiry Notice.

Effective at the market close on August 11, 2014, Northstar's volume weighted average price for the past 10 consecutive trading days was $1.47. A Notice of Acceleration dated August 12, 2014 has been sent to the holders of the Warrants issued pursuant to the Private Placement to advise that the expiry date of the Warrants is being accelerated to 5:00 p.m. (Vancouver time) on September 11, 2014. Any Warrants remaining unexercised after September 11, 2014 will expiry without any further action being taken.

Should all of the Warrants outstanding be exercised, Northstar will receive total gross proceeds of $3,224,375.

About Northstar Healthcare Inc.

Northstar owns and manages seven healthcare facilities in Texas and Arizona; four ambulatory surgery centers, two MRI centers and an urgent care center. The four ambulatory surgery centers are located in Houston (two), Dallas and Scottsdale, Arizona.

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