VAUGHAN, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Aug. 21, 2014) - To better serve and accommodate its female members, Integrity Fitness is expanding its West Vaughan facility on Zenway Boulevard. For nearly a decade, Integrity Fitness has provided state-of-the-art group training for women in need of superior coaching and planning, and this new addition will build on that award-winning service. The expansion will open up space for two more rooms that will house two innovative workout options: METCON30 and the Supportive Cardio & Fitness Boutique.

In the METCON30 room, members perform powerful 30-minute circuit workouts created and run by Integrity Fitness professional trainers. Using multi-joint movements such as tire flips, battle ropes, kettle bell swings and box jumps, these metabolic conditioning workouts incorporate cutting-edge exercises that are specifically designed to spark the metabolism and burn over 250 calories per session. METCON30 workouts are offered all day, every day, seven days a week, and will be refreshed and updated weekly.

"Metabolic conditioning is a fast-paced, high-intensity workout that only lasts a short period of time," explains Paul Walker, owner of Integrity Fitness. "It challenges your cardiovascular capacity, puts your metabolism into overdrive and slashes body fat."

The second addition, the Supportive Cardio & Fitness Boutique, blends independent workouts with the guidance of one-on-one training from a personal trainer. In this area, members have access to cardio equipment, select machines, manual free weights and specialized boot camp equipment. They are free to train using their own programs, utilizing whatever machines and equipment they choose, but also benefit from having a master trainer within arms length. Those trainers will be on the floor to offer direction, help to explain proper technique and provide motivation during workouts.

"This options gives members the chance to workout independently and in their own free time. But it also gives them access to a professional trainer to help with anything they need," says Walker, who also launched Canada's first personal training studio in 1997. "Whatever your fitness level, our trainers can provide fresh ideas to make your fitness regime inspiring and rewarding."

The Supportive Cardio & Fitness Boutique runs three mornings and evenings for three hours each week, and two hours on weekends.

These two options, Walker explains, are all about the individual. With dynamic and ever- evolving workout programs, these services keep things fresh for members who also appreciate the welcoming environment at Integrity Fitness. Members are free to create their own training schedule and have the opportunity to learn something new every day through one-on-one coaching. This maintains a positive frame of mind and keeps members motivated.

"We use our in-depth knowledge, creativity and years of experience to put together incredible circuits that work you hard and make you feel your best," says Walker. "It's all about making the most of your time and helping you train the way you want."

About Integrity Fitness

Launched in 2005, Integrity Fitness has quickly become one of the most successful and most innovative fitness studios in Vaughan. What started as the mobile fitness service Paul's Boot Camp has grown into two 5,500 sq.-ft. circuit-training facilities that have attracted thousands of women seeking optimum results in an accommodating, stress-free environment. With a mission to provide group circuit training programs that can be personalized to meet each client's needs and match her abilities, Integrity Fitness was publicly voted the Best Fitness Studio in the 2012 "The Best in Vaughan" awards and was the winner of the 2013 and 2014 Consumer Top Choice Award for top fitness club in Vaughan.

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Integrity Fitness
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