WELLAND, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Aug. 24, 2014) - Canadian Armed Forces

Approximately 2,000 Canadian Army soldiers from Regular and Reserve units across Ontario successfully completed training in the communities of the Niagara Peninsula today following 9 days of training as part of Exercise STALWART GUARDIAN 2014. They were joined by 35 Canadian Rangers, 45 soldiers from the United States Army's 48th Infantry Brigade Combat Team of the Georgia Army National Guard. The British Army's Royal Regiment of Scotland also contributed eight soldiers.

Soldiers from Reserve and Regular Army units, supported by elements of the Royal Canadian Navy and the Canadian Rangers, spent the exercise honing their conventional warfare skills in various dynamic and demanding scenarios that also tested the leadership's command and control skills. Tactics, techniques and procedures were exchanged among the three nations that participated.

The Royal Canadian Navy provided small boats that were used to supplement the Army's assault boats employed to transport ground forces in an amphibious landing.

The soldiers conducted presence patrols in the streets of the community as well as attacks at the platoon, company and battalion level. A well-attended Community Event allowed local residents to see specialized equipment such as the Coyote armoured vehicle as well as weapons and other vehicles and that were used in the exercise.

Quick Facts

  • Nearly 2000 Canadian Armed Forces members from Army Reserve units based across Ontario, participated in Exercise STALWART GUARDIAN 2014, along with 35 Canadian Rangers from 1st Canadian Ranger Patrol Group and personnel from the Royal Canadian Navy.
  • Soldiers traveled on the Welland Canal using rubber assault boats during the exercise.
  • The soldiers were armed with C7 rifles, C9 light machine guns and C6 medium machine guns.
  • The Canadian Army is committed to defending Canadian territory, maintaining Canada's sovereignty, and assisting civil authorities when requested.
  • The Army Reserve is composed of fully-qualified soldiers who train weekly and serve on a part-time basis. Most have full-time civilian careers or attend school.
  • Reservists have made substantial contributions to Canada's international and domestic operations, most recently in Afghanistan and assisting flood relief operations in Manitoba.


"Realistic training in the communities of the Niagara Region during Exercise STALWART GUARDIAN provided the soldiers of 4th Canadian Division an opportunity to build on their skills. The soldiers, sailors, airmen and airwomen of 4th Canadian Division are trained, motivated, and well-led, and as such are always prepared to provide rapid and effective assistance to Canadian citizens and their communities when required."

Brig.-Gen. Lowell Thomas

Commander 4th Canadian Division.

"Exercise STALWART GUARDIAN 2014 allowed our soldiers a unique opportunity to train in our local community, as well as the chance to showcase our skills and professionalism to the people of the Niagara Peninsula. The residents of the Niagara Peninsula showed a tremendous amount of hospitality and support which was deeply appreciated by the members of 4th Canadian Division."

Col. Brock Millman

Commander 31 Canadian Brigade Group

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