PERTH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA--(Marketwired - Aug. 25, 2014) - ATCO Australia's partnership with Nomad Two Worlds and renowned Nyoongar artist Tjyllyungoo (Lance Chadd) will continue with a new world-first art project capturing the cultural significance of the Porongurup Ranges, one of the most sacred Indigenous sites in the south-west of Western Australia.

Titled 'Boorongurup', the collection will see the creation of more than a dozen culturally infused contemporary works by Tjyllyungoo which continues his lifelong passion to paint the intangible, spiritual connections and interpretations of traditional Aboriginal Australia. His expressions reignite cultural pride in Aboriginal people, as well as develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal belief systems and custodianship of land care and preservation across all Australians.

"For me personally, this is very important work, as an artist, a cultural expressionist and an elder of my people," Tjyllyungoo said. "It has always been my intention to reconnect our people to culture, as well as promote it to the wider community. I believe there needs to be some form of 'cultural reconciliation' among our people, particularly for our youth. I think cultural pride and identity is a very important strength. I have spoken with many Menang Elders (local) on this project and they are very supportive. I am hoping more of my people will take interest and give input as I do the work. To share and promote our cultural knowledge is to give understanding of the significance of the Boorongurups. I think, once this is truly embraced, there will be a much greater interest, respect and care in the protection and preservation of this sanctuary. I am very grateful for ATCO's ongoing support of Indigenous cultural recognition," added Tjyllyungoo.

Boorongurup continues a strong association between Tjyllyungoo, ATCO Australia and Nomad Two Worlds that began during the 'Portrait of Diversity' exhibition - a key cultural experience commissioned by the Western Australian State Government for the 2011 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth. In 2013 ATCO extended this relationship by supporting two new exhibitions, including collaborative works between Tjyllyungoo and renowned West Australian photographer and Nomad Two Worlds founder, Russell James.

"ATCO is pleased to build on its partnership with Nomad Two Worlds and supporting Tjyllyungoo's commitment to the preservation of Aboriginal culture and history," said Wayne Stensby, ATCO Australian Managing Director. "We look forward to seeing this project come to life and the opportunity to learn more about such a significant place in Aboriginal culture. To be able to share this story, not only with our employees, but with the wider community helps to develop an understanding and appreciation of the culture and history where we do business and fosters positive relationships based on mutual trust, respect and common interests."

ATCO Australia acknowledges the importance of the land connection to indigenous peoples and has a deep respect for their cultural diversity and unique histories. The partnership with Nomad Two Worlds is built on the foundation laid by ATCO Group's worldwide operations where proactive and collaborative relationships with indigenous peoples are sought and nurtured for the benefit of those communities now and into the future.

According to tradition, the Porongurups near Albany in Western Australia's Great Southern region is home to the 'Boorongur' (Spiritual elder brother), flora and fauna Totemic spirits of all the Southern Bibbulmun people. It is also home to 'Waugal' the great rainbow serpent, the giver of all Laws, the punisher and rewarder, who resides on top of the Porongorup. Bibbulmun people would never hunt on this 'Winartj' (sacred site) and, if ever passing through, would do so quietly and respectfully. Today, this site remains a sanctuary for all the animals that live there.

Joyce Lanigan, Chief Executive Officer, Nomad Two Worlds commented, "The bond we've developed with ATCO Australia is one that we value extremely highly. Their support of Nomad Two World projects' continues to raise awareness of the rich culture and history of indigenous people and this is central to the Nomad Two Worlds mission."

When the works are completed, they will be exclusively revealed at a special exhibition to be hosted by ATCO Australia in Perth, planned for the end of 2014.

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Founded by prominent, Perth born photographer Russell James, Nomad Two Worlds began as a steeply messaged artistic collaborative project between Mr. James and Indigenous artist Clifton Bieundurry. Nomad Two Worlds has since evolved to include Indigenous artists across Western Australia and around the world.

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