DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - Aug 26, 2014) - ACH Foam is proud to announce that its Structural Insulated Panels, or SIPs, are as structurally sound as they are energy efficient. When 150 mile per hour winds blew through an equine hospital under construction in Washington, Oklahoma, the building and its SIP panels stayed put.

In the Spring of 2012, a microburst swept through the 5,000 sq. ft. Oklahoma Equine Hospital. Winds of that speed could have easily caused damage to a finished building. But at the time of the storm, not all of the roof panels were in place at the equine hospital, making the building particularly vulnerable to the high winds.

But the building was fine. "R-Control SIPs were able to withstand 150 mile-an-hour winds during installation," said Frank Kiesecker of ACH Foam Technologies, the manufacturer  of R-Control® Structural Insulated Panels. "A section of wall was lifted from the foundation due to the wind. That section suffered little damage and was erected again after minor repairs. The rest of the structure, with walls and roof in place, sustained no damage at all."

Ironically, the contractor chose ACH Foam Technologies' R-Control SIPs for their energy efficiency, not for their stability in high winds. SIPs were specified for both the walls and the roof to create a tight thermal envelope. 13,884 sq. ft. of 6 1/2" SIPs were manufactured and cut to design specs by ACH Foam Technologies.

ACH Foam's R-Control® SIPs met the contractors' original goals. Even when the temperature near the site in Southern Oklahoma reached 108 degrees that summer, the temperature inside the building remained comfortable.

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