NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Aug 26, 2014) -  Rhinoplasty can be an excellent option for patients who are dissatisfied with the size, shape, and/or proportions of their nose, says Manhattan plastic surgeon Stafford R. Broumand, MD. Often performed to improve balance and harmony among facial features, Dr. Broumand notes that the procedure can reduce the prominence of the nose, decrease the size of the nostrils, recontour the nasal bridge, or address a variety of other concerns. However, he states, the key to achieving optimal results that last a lifetime is to consult a plastic surgeon who has extensive experience with the procedure and a vast understanding of how surgical alterations may transform facial anatomy immediately, as well as over time.

In his recent blog post titled, My Rhinoplasty Philosophy, Dr. Broumand writes: "Throughout my years in practice, I have often found that people who have undergone rhinoplasty surgery without first being properly educated on the procedure tend to question their decision many months, years, and even decades later." This, he goes on to explain, can be attributed to the way in which extensive modifications made to the nose may change and shift later down the road, ultimately affecting the aesthetic balance of the face over time.

To help account for these potential anatomical transformations, as well as the immediate proportional impact rhinoplasty can have on the entire face, Dr. Broumand notes that he never examines the nose in isolation during the consultation process. According to How Rhinoplasty Influences the Rest of the Face -- another recent blog entry on his website -- "In addition to outlining specific changes that can be made to the nose to achieve the patient's desired outcome, I also try to provide an explanation and description of how these changes will affect the anatomical balance and relationship the nose has to other features of the face, including the lips, chin, cheeks, forehead, etc."

Based on his assessment, Dr. Broumand says he may recommend complementary procedures -- such as chin augmentation or neck liposuction -- be performed in combination with rhinoplasty if he feels they may be necessary to create a better relationship between particular facial features indirectly influenced by changes made to the nose.

Ultimately, Dr. Broumand expresses that his approach to rhinoplasty is not solely about transforming the nose, but also about improving the entire aesthetic balance of the face. "To do so," he notes, "my approach is to get a sense of what the patient wants done as well as what specifically bothers them, and then to achieve a result for the nose that balances harmoniously with their face and ethnicity without appearing drastically different."

About Stafford R. Broumand, MD

Dr. Broumand earned his medical degree from Yale University and went on to complete his General Surgery training at Mount Sinai Hospital. He then trained in Plastic Surgery at the Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School and completed a fellowship in Cosmetic and Craniofacial Surgery at the College des Medicines de Paris, France - Hospital Necker. Board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Broumand maintains active membership in several prestigious medical organizations, and he is currently President of the New York State Society of Plastic Surgeons. He is available for interview upon request.

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