RICHMOND, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - Aug. 26, 2014) - Back to school means more data, more talking, and more texting, as a record number of students are taking their cell phones with them into the classroom. Cell phones among students have become commonplace in Canadian schools, with 59% of students owning their own cell phone as of 2013, according to a MediaSmarts study.

While it's not surprising that 90% of older high school students have their own device, it is becoming more customary for younger students to carry their own cell phones as well; in fact, 1 in 4 students between the ages of 9 and 10 now have their own mobile device. Even in Grade 5, more students now access the Internet through a tablet or laptop than through a desktop computer.

For parents, cell phones represent an easy and practical way to stay connected - to keep tabs, schedule rides, make requests - but at the same time allowing them independence. For students, mobile phones have become an essential tool for connecting with friends and having vibrant social lives both in and outside of school.

London Drugs has recently upgraded its mobile phone shopping experience in store with new plan and device options to suit students of all ages.

Texting for Teens

For high school students, a cell phone plan with a standard amount of airtime, texts, and data is a good start. If the whole family is upgrading, mobile share plans are a great option for sharing data, and the unlimited nationwide minutes means no one will use up all the airtime.

Tip: You can save money by passing your old phone on to your teen and activating it as a secondary line.

Back to Dorm

For those moving into or back to dorms at universities and colleges this fall, a mobile plan featuring a large amount of data is ideal. Stream videos, email on the go, and post to social media via phone, tablet, and other devices- and of course, don't forget unlimited minutes to call home.

Tip: You can share data on up to five devices on a Share Plan so add your tablet to the same plan.

Kid-Friendly Devices: Tablet and Portable Audio Devices

For parents who aren't quite ready to hand over a cell phone to their young children, tablets and portable audio devices with data capabilities are an easy way to stay in contact. These devices can be purchased with 'wifi and cellular' capabilities, which mean that with a data plan, kids can Facetime with their parents with a touch of the screen.

Tip: Flex data plans automatically adjust to your monthly usage so you pay for as much or as little data as you use.

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