STAMFORD, CT--(Marketwired - Aug 27, 2014) -  Protegrity, the leading provider of data-centric enterprise data security solutions, today announced that Gartner Inc. has recognized Protegrity in its July 14, 2014 report, 'Protecting Big Data in Hadoop.' With its inclusion in the report, Protegrity believes it establishes itself once again as the industry's foremost company helping organizations overcome challenges with securing Big Data systems.

The Gartner report lists Protegrity as one of a handful of vendors meeting security needs in Hadoop. Protegrity Big Data Protector allows Hadoop users to now have top-to-bottom data protection from the file to the application, going well beyond access controls and providing a comprehensive data protection path.

"We are honored to be identified by Gartner as a company meeting key security challenges within Hadoop," said Suni Munshani, CEO of Protegrity. "We feel this is further validation of our innovative approach to Big Data security as a whole, which involves helping enterprises secure the data itself as it flows freely between environments for various levels of use and analysis."

He added, "As we look to the future, we see more organizations adopting Big Data systems, accelerating the need for a data-centric security framework for the enterprise. To meet this rising demand, we will continue to make strategic investments to help companies become more data-centric in order to reduce data threats and the risk of breaches."

With the rapid proliferation of Big Data in the enterprise, there is a growing gap between security measures in place and what is required to protect these assets. Protegrity is at the forefront of bridging this gap with its capabilities, certifications and solutions that extend beyond Hadoop. The company's well-established file- and field-level data encryption and tokenization technology can be employed across multiple environments, creating a seamless network of data-centric security far stronger than access controls alone.

In addition, the company has formed strategic partnerships and is certified on Big Data platforms, including Cloudera, Hortonworks, IBM Big Insights, MapR, and Pivotal HD.

About Protegrity: Proven Experts in Data Security
Protegrity is the only enterprise data security software platform that leverages scalable, data-centric encryption, tokenization and masking to help businesses secure sensitive information while maintaining data usability. Built for complex, heterogeneous business environments, the Protegrity Data Security Platform provides unprecedented levels of data security certified across applications, data warehouses, mainframes, big data, and cloud environments. Companies trust Protegrity to help them manage risk, achieve compliance, enable business analytics, and confidently adopt new platforms. For additional information visit

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