SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Aug 27, 2014) - Expert System (EXSY), the global leader in semantics and the developer of the patented Cogito® semantic technology, announces the integration of Cogito with Cloudera Enterprise 5. Cloudera is the leader in enterprise data management powered by Apache Hadoop. Cloudera customers can now leverage Cogito to strengthen analytics capabilities and take advantage of unstructured content through automated metadata generation.

The patented, award-winning Cogito semantic technology offers powerful disambiguation to understand the meaning of words in context, much the way people do. With millions of word and concepts and many more millions of relationships defined, Cogito enables powerful, granular, and accurate content analysis. 

In Cloudera, Cogito transforms the ability to use unstructured content by automating high precision, metadata generation, classification and entity extraction for every document. Customers benefit from greater access to information for any enterprise activity, offering a seamless layer of intelligence available for every application.

"The recent certification on Cloudera Enterprise 5 and the addition of Expert System into the Cloudera Connect partner ecosystem provides our customers with the ability to enrich their unstructured content and extract greater insight and value from data stored in Cloudera's data management platform," said Tim Stevens, vice president, Business and Corporate Development, Cloudera.

"No matter the source, text has become the richest source of knowledge, but often it's our most under-utilized asset," said Luigi Paraboschi, Executive Vice President, Corporate Development, Expert System USA. "Cogito transforms your ability to understand what is contained in content, ensuring that information is accessible and available so that all of your assets and systems can take advantage of unstructured information."

About Expert System
Expert System is a leader in semantic technology and the creators of the patented Cogito® semantic technology. Cogito is based on an advanced semantic analysis engine and a complete semantic network, enabling the deep understanding of any type of text with speed and precision. Cogito exceeds the limits of conventional keyword technology and provides more effective management of the growing volume of information companies manage, turning it into accessible, usable knowledge. The products and solutions based on Cogito offer a complete set of features including: semantic search and natural language search, text analytics, development and management of taxonomies and ontologies, automatic categorization, extraction of data and metadata, and natural language processing.