Altibase's In-Memory Database Combines Hybrid Architecture and Big Data Adapter to Solve Sensor Data Processing Problems in Single Solution

Clients now offered the flexibility to accommodate a variety of sensor data and transform it into actionable information by filtering and analyzing it via Altibase's In-Memory analytics processing, CEP, and Hadoop Connector All-In-One Solution.


GREATER NEW YORK CITY AREA, Aug. 28, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via PRWEB - Altibase's In-Memory database now combines a hybrid architecture and Big Data adapter to solve sensor data processing problems in an all-in-one solution.

Sensor data processing must be equipped with various features to deal with both data in motion and data at rest. These processes require seamless real-time functionality as well as the capability to handle massive amounts of unstructured and historical data. As sensor data and big data are becoming indispensable parts of all organizations, the dilemma of having to choose between data processing speed and the flexibility to marry that data with huge data sets has surfaced.

Companies have often relegated their IT strategies to temporary workarounds, but are left seeking actual, permanent and reliable solutions. Making matters worse, the temporary solutions force organizations to sacrifice certain functions and flexibility while having to pay exorbitant amounts of money. Altibase, globally known as the world's most trusted in-memory database, provides all of the required features with full product stacks to support the demands of today's data environment. A part of Altibase's stack is comprised of a hybrid database that couples an in-memory database with an on-disk database, a CEP solution, and a Big Data adapter. Since all of Altibase's products are designed to work harmoniously with one another, lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is a side benefit that all organizations enjoy.

For technology today, the requirement when it comes to speed is no longer "fast," but real-time. Traditional on-disk only databases no longer cut it when it comes to speed. Altibase's in-memory database answers the need for speed. Gartner, the leading information technology research and advisory company, reports that in-memory databases are a paradigm that enable organizations to develop applications that run advanced queries or perform complex transactions on very large datasets orders of magnitude faster as compared to conventional on-disk architectures. This is precisely what Altibase has been researching, developing and deploying in the real-world for over 20 years. ALTIBASE HDB's (Hybrid DB's) in-memory portion allows users to crunch large amounts of data in a short amount of time utilizing RAM instead of traditional spinning disk.

Speed is only one part of the equation when it comes to sensor data processing. Data requires quick processing, but often, it also needs to be able to cross-reference historical data to see how relevant or irrelevant certain data is. That is where ALTIBASE HDB'S hybrid architecture comes into play. Since ALTIBASE HDB incorporates an in-memory database and an on-disk database in a single unified engine, it has the ability to process real-time data and store large data sets seamlessly.

To compliment ALTIBASE HDB, Altibase provides ALTIBASE CEP™ which processes data in motion in real-time. As the first filtering and analyzing process unit for sensor data, ALTIBASE CEP handles data coming from various sensors and interoperates with the organization's database for further in-depth processing. ALTIBASE HDB is poised to deliver high-speed data processing on top of ALTIBASE CEP and is also the database that can be used as a backend database for both data at rest and data in motion while communicating with front end solutions such as the CEP solution.

Altibase also supports Big Data integration with its Altibase Hadoop Connector which allows users process sensor data while utilizing Big Data solutions to complete their in-depth analysis and comprehensive data needs.

Organizations around the world currently utilize Altibase's advanced data in motion capabilities for use cases such as, Smart Grids, Application Performance Monitoring (APM), Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Network Data Monitoring, Machine To Machine (M2M), Healthcare Sensor Data, Smart Appliance, Smart Mobile Devices, Vehicle Monitoring and Controlling, Weather Monitoring, among others.

Clients are armed with Altibase's single solution set for sensor data processing that are comprised of Altibase's full product stacks. Clients also have the flexibility to accommodate a variety of sensor data and transform it into actionable information by filtering and analyzing it via Altibase's In-Memory analytics processing.

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