VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Sept. 10, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Every company or salesperson has experienced the soul destroying pain points of selling. The former needs to effectively motivate and track its sales force, the latter needs the necessary support to effect ever increasing sales. Throw in the costs of training; recruitment, infrastructure and the problems multiply. And it doesn't really matter if the sales force is in-house or outside.

SalesCloser was developed to seamlessly address and streamline the myriad aspects of the unnecessarily complex (and costly) sales process. Give all the constituents the tools to motivate, track and support in a web-based platform and not only will revenues markedly increase, but frequent turnover, burnout and the loneliness of the long distance salesperson is assuaged.

SalesCloser changes the global outside sales model where the "power" was out in the field. The best sales people were on the road, visiting maybe 1, 2 or 3 customers per day. SalesCloser's brilliant simplicity is that it allows companies to standardize and centralize their processes, sales talent and support in a hub. From that central office, the SalesCloser platform lets your top closers touch as many as 20 - 40 closing opportunities per day.

With nearly 20 million outside salespeople in North America, who represent trillions of dollars of annual revenue, SalesCloser solves the last major blind spot in the sales world. It brings to management of outside sales forces the types of tools and visibility that have long been enjoyed and are a cornerstone of the inside sales world.

Founder/CEO Michael Jarmana's area of expertise is pioneering the development of new sales systems as well as shattering sales records. He began a sales career in the deregulated telecom sector in Canada. He distinguished himself by immediately breaking the national sales record his first week. He became a star performer who routinely redefined what was possible from a sales perspective. In fact, many of his records still stand today.

Jarmana states: "Scaling a large sales company is a tremendous risk – opening offices, over-leveraging sales management, full of potential threats from competitors or possible disruption from new technologies. solves each of the biggest pain points in this industry with a single simple solution. You can hire salespeople anywhere in the world and manage them better from a laptop, than if you saw them in person every day. A sales manager who might be able to handle a team of 5 people, can manage as many as 50 to 100 with SalesCloser because the platform automates the most challenging parts of the role."

Early on, Jarmana recognized that all the current outside sales systems failed on several levels and that new technology, in particular the super high speed data networks, would spawn the next generation of sales tools to transform the industry. Hiring and managing someone on the other side of the country without opening a local sales office isn't practical with today's business model. Without monitoring and motivation, the constant rejection in outside sales makes such a concept impractical. Not to mention, you need someone local to interview, hire and train new salespeople to replace the ones that quit. SalesCloser changes that completely.

By developing SalesCloser, which is currently in free beta, companies wishing to sell goods and serviceshave an option previously unavailable- the world's first On Demand Outside Sales Marketplace, where they can literally shop for new sales talent, hire and successfully deploy them same day. Or they can access the system for use with their current sales force, for which SalesCloser provides each company with a closed ecosystem so one's competitors can neither see who is working for you or figure out how to recruit them. It doesn't matter if you are a small widget maker or Fortune 100. Pain is pain. And overhead is expensive.

Julian Brass states "As the CEO of (1.5 million monthly visitors), Canada's digital publication for young professionals and entrepreneurs, I speak with countless entrepreneurs and sales professionals regularly, software platform would be extremely beneficial for them as it would let them space sales teams anywhere in the world without the need to open additional sales offices, which equals higher effectiveness with lower costs. Something every business professional should be aware of at all times."

Building a global outside sales force is where SalesCloser is the most cost-effective system. And there are aspects that make it unlike anything out there. And while it can be linked to a CRM system such as SalesForce, it is so not a CRM.

Arash Asli, CEO of, a Vancouver-based technology company that connects neighbourhood businesses and consumers states that the essence of his job is building strong relationships with all kinds of people every day--
whether that means building relationships with the community, reaching out to potential customers or working directly with his sales force and team at headquarters. Arash believes can close the gaps that CRM systems don't fill during the sales cycle. Having helped run a 1500 employee tech company and being named one of the Top 40 Under 40 Business People in Vancouver, Arash is uniquely qualified to provide this insight.

"When you are building new relationships with hundreds of people a month, it's not possible to stay on top of things without a system like," Arash says. " can help us manage the most critical part of the customer relationship—when you are actually with the customer."

From a business perspective, Arash's goal is to create great relationships with local businesses every day. That can be challenging with a large distributed sales force. Now he can have the full insight into the part that matters most—the real-life meeting—thanks to

"It amazes me how fast things can move when you can have an entire team at the ready to support a prospect. With, we work collaboratively as a team to address the needs of local businesses when we are with them. Relationships are cemented faster, and we can close more opportunities, faster than having a single sales representative on an account."

As well, global salespeople can apply directly to the site and if recruited, can literally begin selling the same day. The magic is that the entire client presentation, particular to the product, can be quickly and simply uploaded on a smart device. No paper, no unnecessary visits to a client. The novice sales person follows the presentation, which is being tracked in real-time through the sales manager's admin dashboard. From this dashboard the manager can see all activity from a bird's eye view. If your salespeople stumble they can connect with your company's experts through an instant video chat, which is integrated into the platform. "After watching 5 to 10 sales get closed over video, most novice sales people figure things out very quickly," says Jarmana.

Michelle Alexander, Operations Director of Eurika Virtual, one of SalesCloser's first users says "We have a product with a number of complex moving parts. Training new outside salespeople would conventionally take us several months. With SalesCloser we give our new salespeople one day of product training and after that they are ready to go. Their presentation is built into the platform so they just follow it and if they have a problem or need help they just push the "Help Button" and we have a couple of our top sales people waiting to help them to close the deal over video through their tablet or smartphone. It's ingenious. The sales people love it because it takes all the pressure off."

This "Help Button" provides two major benefits, increased sales and the all-important support for the outside sales person. Outside sales, historically tends to breed loneliness and frequently results in excessive and expensive turnover.

The sales manager can review every sales call in real time and congratulate or make suggestions on more training. And there is real time tracking of their GPS location. This enables the sales manager to manage their global sales force from a laptop or even smartphone. SalesCloser is truly disruptive technology.

Want sales in New York next week? No office. No overhead. SalesCloser let's you do it with ease. Open virtual offices anywhere in the world, be it Asia, North America, Europe, within the same city or across the street.

SalesCloser is both a sales enhancer and a diagnostic tool to get the clearest picture of company sales effectiveness and provide management with solutions to quickly and immediately deal with any process issues arising.

SalesCloser's software developers have worked on some other high profile platforms such as Groupon, which grew to hundreds of offices around the world in just its first two years. From the outset SalesCloser has been built with the ability to scale, with security and flexibility being key. Regardless of your sales process, SalesCloser is adaptable and has the multilevel permissions one would expect from a solution this ambitious.

It's hard to overstate the business efficacy of SalesCloser, a bespoke platform developed by successful sales professionals and built by a technology team boasting a global resume. The company is looking forward to large signups for its free beta, from businesses and sales professionals. They also are on the lookout for strategic investors, software developers and partners to build the business globally.

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