KYOTO, Japan, Sept. 12, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nidec Corporation (NYSE:NJ) today released the Application Guideline for the 1st Nagamori Awards it announced in July. Your entry is highly welcomed.

Name Nagamori Awards
Areas covered Technological fields related to motors, actuators, power generators, and their control methods and applied technologies. 
Application requirements Applicants must be young-to-middle-level R&D engineers who are members of university, public organization, private company, etc. across the world with outstanding achievements.
Application method Applicants must be recommended by their academy circle or the supervisor of their organization
Application period November 1, 2014 to January 31, 2015
The Nagamori Awards will be granted to 3-5 people every year. The person to receive the Grand Nagamori Award will be announced at the commendation ceremony. 
  Cash prizes are 5 million yen for the Grand Nagamori Awards, and 1 million yen for the Nagamori Awards.

1. Application requirements

The Nagamori Awards (the "Awards) aim to commend young-to-middle-level R&D engineers who are members of universities, public organizations, private companies, and who demonstrated outstanding performance in the research and development of electric motors, actuators, power generators and associated technologies ultimately conducive to our better lives and global environmental conservations. In addition, any form of innovative technological development in relevant fields will be accepted for the review. The achievement of such development, though, must be sufficiently supported by well-documented evidence, such as academic papers, patents, and technological reports, whether single-authored or co-authored.

2. Eligibility requirements for award recipients:

An applicant who is selected for the award but fails to be present in person at the commending ceremony for an award presentation (delivered either in English or Japanese) will lose his or her eligibility. The recipients are requested to submit all the necessary documents in either English or Japanese, and be able to communicate in either English or Japanese.

3. Recommendation procedure:

The applicant must have the Letter of Recommendation completed by;

a) technological and scientific academic circle that the applicant belongs to, or

b) the applicant's supervisor in a university/public organization/private company the applicant works for.

4. Application procedure:

Applicants must submit application documents prepared either in the English or Japanese language in both the print and electronic format.

The application forms (Letter of Recommendation, Applicant's Resume and Applicant's Achievement) are available for download from the URL below.

Step 1:

Prepare one original hard copy of the following documents;

a) Letter of Recommendation,

b) Signed Applicant's Resume,

c) Applicant's Achievements and

d) Supporting documents

Step 2:

Produce a printed and electronic copy of the above documents.

Step 3:

Send both the printed and electronic versions (e.g. CD-R, USB) of the above documents to the Nagamori Award Secretariat at the applicant's expense. The documents must arrive no later than January 31, 2015. Please let us know the date of shipments of your documents by email.

* The submitted documents will be used only for the purpose of review for the Nagamori Awards. The received documents will not be returned to the applicants for any reason.

5. Selection process:

The Review Committee will select and determine the award winners.

*We will not disclose any information on the status or process of the review.

6. Selection result:

We will make public the result of the selection and notify the winners of the result mid-May 2015. Winners themselves are requested to contact their organizations, if necessary.

7. Cash prizes

Winners will be provided with a list of the prizes to be given during the commendation ceremony scheduled for August 30, 2015, Japan time. The cash prizes for the awards will be remitted to the winners' bank accounts at a later date.

8. Revocation, cancellation, and return of the Awards

If any winner of the Awards is identified as being in either of the categories below, he/she may have the Awards removed or cancelled, and might be requested to return the cash prizes that were given to him/her.

(1) When information in the submitted documents are found to include falsified or untrue information; and/or

(2) When the review committee decides that the winner is not suitable based on the objective of the Awards.

9. Other information

The achievements, the contents of the commemorative speech, and other information of the winners will be posted on the Company's website or printed materials after having the winners confirm the contents of the information in advance.

10. Contact information
Nagamori Awards Secretariat
Corporate Planning Department
Nidec Corporation
Address: 338 Tonoshiro-cho, Kuze, Minami-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 601-8205, Japan
Tel: +75-935-6130
Fax: +75-935-6131

Masahiro Nagayasu
General Manager
Investor Relations