REDWOOD SHORES, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 16, 2014) - Saba (OTCPink: SABA), the leader in cloud-based Intelligent Talent Management, today announced that it has secured three new patents in the areas of social network influence analysis, offline learning access and enterprise-wide security control.

Named by Gartner as a leading innovator in Talent Management, Saba is widely regarded for its intelligent solutions that enable businesses to more easily and efficiently find, develop, connect and engage people in their jobs. The company has a long history of innovation with multiple existing patents, numerous industry awards and most importantly, thousands of successful customers. Today, Saba delivers new product functionality to its customers quarterly. 

Saba's three newest patents cover a range of leading-edge functionality for talent management solutions, including:

Dynamic Network Analysis (DNA): The patent covers technology that enables analysis of the social network within a business community, and the levels of interaction, collaboration and influence between members of the network. An individual's level of participation and/or influence in a social network can be used (in combination with other measures, or standing alone) to assign a Personal Quotient, or PQ value, to the individual.

Today, more than half of how we learn and advance in an organization comes from informal social learning. Saba's DNA in Saba Cloud measures each person's degree of influence with peers on various topics of interest across the corporate network. DNA enables customers to better understand their employees and how they work with one another.

Heirarchical Security Controls: The patent covers technology that enables individualized controls on access to organizational information. When sensitive information is organized into hierarchical charts, requestors are granted access based on their individual user IDs. Dynamic data access policies are also addressed in the patent.

With the hierarchical controls in Saba Cloud, customers can cascade the right talent management data access to the right levels on their teams, quickly. System administrators can set secure access policies and provisions that apply by level and by role in an organization to ensure confidential personnel information is restricted on a need-to-know basis.

Offline Content Player: The patent covers technology that enables offline review and consumption of web-based training content. Users who have previously downloaded training content can play that content while offline. Once online again, results are synchronized with the system that initially provided the training content.

In remote parts of the world, eLearning is now a reality. With Saba's Offline Content Player, employees can now download crucial learning content on the go, and in one, single, download via a satellite connection, they can enjoy full access to digital learning classes. When the course material is completed, answers and results can be uploaded in one batch and synced securely for program completion.

"It's an electrifying time to be in product development at Saba: We're taking innovation from dream to delivery at lightning speed," said Hemanth Puttaswamy, CTO at Saba. "These three new patents represent our relentless focus on incorporating groundbreaking capabilities in our products and providing our customers the most advanced solutions in the market. And we're just getting started: our ability to deliver continual innovation is equally exciting to our customers and to our world-class development organization."

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