DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - Sep 17, 2014) - U.S. broadband households spend on average 1.3 hours per week watching video on a tablet and 1.6 hours per week watching video on a smartphone, compared to almost 20 hours per week on the television, according to research Parks Associates announced today in advance of the Cablefax TV Innovation Summit. The research, based on a nationwide 1Q 2014 survey of U.S. broadband households, shows, despite the popularity of mobile platforms, the TV remains the preferred screen for video viewing, while the PC has shown significant declines as a video-viewing platform.

"The percentage of video viewership among tablet households has tripled since 2010, rising from 9% to 28%," said Glenn Hower, Research Analyst at Parks Associates. "For smartphone households, the percentage of video viewership doubled from 16% in 2010 to 31% in 2014. Increases in multiscreen video viewing are significant, but ultimately neither platform can duplicate the visual experience of the larger TV screen. Successful multiscreen video services need to offer unique services for each platform, complement the content on other screens, and leverage the typical conditions where people use certain devices."

Hower will moderate the panel "Who's on First? The Second Screen is Dead...Long Live the Second Screen" at the Cablefax TV Innovation Summit on Thursday, September 18, 3:25-4:10 P.M., at the Grand Hyatt in New York City. The speakers will discuss the challenges and opportunities in developing services for every screen, including the TV, smartphone, tablet, and computer.

The Cablefax TV Innovation Summit is a one-day event that examines how multiplatform innovation is fueling new revenue and retention opportunities for TV content owners and distributors. As consumers change the way they interact with content, the interplay between screens and devices has become more important than ever.

Glenn Hower, Research Analyst, Parks Associates, at Cablefax TV Innovation Summit
"Who's on First? The Second Screen is Dead... Long Live the Second Screen"

Beth Fraikorn, Principal, Remarkable Content Group
Tim Gibson, VP, Digital Entertainment Products Group, DirecTV
Dave Kaplan, VP, Bravo and Oxygen Media Ad Sales Research, Bravo and Oxygen Media
Ron Lamprecht, EVP, Digital Distribution, NBCUniversal
Matt Murphy, SVP, Digital Video Distribution, Disney and ESPN Media Networks
Evan Silverman, SVP, Digital Media, A+E Networks

September 18, 2014

3:45-4:10 P.M.

Grand Hyatt
New York, NY

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Glenn Hower leads Parks Associates research in the areas of entertainment content and delivery services. He is experienced in entertainment content production and distribution systems with a particular emphasis on radio, television, and film content.

Parks Associates is a leading entertainment services market research firm. The company hosts several industry events each year, including the upcoming CONNECTIONS™ Europe: Monetizing Strategies for the Connected Home conference, November 18-19 in Amsterdam.

Media interviews with Glenn Hower are available at Cablefax TV Innovation Summit. To request a meeting or specific research data, contact Holly Sprague at hsprague@gmail.com or 720-987-6614.

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