ENGLEWOOD, CO--(Marketwired - Sep 17, 2014) -  Evolving Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: EVOL), a leader in activation, enablement and management of services for connected mobile devices worldwide, today announced that an African customer has placed a significant upgrade order for the Company's Dynamic SIM Allocation™ (DSA) solution, leveraging the latest functionality for greater flexibility in SIM logistics and enhanced customer experience.

The additional functionality will allow more SIM types to be activated across a wider choice of devices, simplifying the operator's SIM logistics process and reducing both the cost and time-to-market for new SIMs. The expanded DSA features will also allow the operator to provide its subscribers with personalization at first use, regardless of SIM or device type, enhancing the customer experience.

"Since its deployment in 2009, DSA has activated well over 100 million SIM cards and currently averages around 1.9 million per month. This long-standing customer continues to invest in the solution, each time gaining more benefits, functionality and value from the system. Considered a critical part of this customer's infrastructure, DSA offers a new way of activating SIMs that streamlines the SIM supply chain, improves network capacity efficiencies and reduces costs," said Thad Dupper, Chairman and CEO of Evolving Systems. "This latest order will further improve SIM logistics and provide a better user experience for its subscribers."

DSA activates SIM cards on-demand and helps operators grow their revenue while also achieving material cost savings. With DSA, subscribers receive an enhanced activation experience, allowing them to personalize their service by choosing their phone number and tariff plan directly on the device via an interactive menu in their choice of language. Additionally, DSA's flexible promotions engine capability provides operators with the ability to offer subscriber specific promotions based on their location and device type, further enhancing each customer's experience. Click here for more information.

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