SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 18, 2014) - Findery, a social discovery platform that lets you share stories and discover places near and far, today announced the availability of its latest mobile app: Findery for Android. With the app, Findery users can search and find interesting information about their current location through personal stories, hidden histories and local tips; or share their own experiences and leave notes and photos about the meaningful places they've found and love.

The new Android application makes it easier and faster for people to uncover the world around them. The Findery team built the latest app to best utilize the Android operating system.

"We're cultivating contributors and community," said Caterina Fake, founder and CEO of Findery. "The world is a big place, and an endless source of wonder and discovery. Android, with its worldwide distribution, will grow our community of explorers."

Formally launching Findery for iPhone in March, Findery users have posted notes in each of the 196 countries across the globe. The platform makes it easy for anyone to learn more about places -- from those they have been to those they have dreamed of. Findery's apps help users engage with their surroundings, inspiring them with reflections made by other members, and help them develop meaningful connections to places.

Once downloaded, Findery for Android uses the current location to surface interesting local notes or wander the world, and begin to follow other members. Notes can be anything -- local history or folklore, interesting factoids, or reminiscences about a locale. Notemaps are a curated collection of notes about a particular topic, theme or location. Members can add their own notes and notes from others to create organized notemaps.

Findery is inherently social, and members can follow other members and receive notifications when those members have posted new notes. Following and notifications create a more cohesive community and encourage activity and positive interactions among the network.

Findery for Android is available for free from the Play Store.

About Findery
Findery is a platform on the Web, iOS and Android to annotate the world and help people rediscover the world around them. Founded by serial entrepreneur Caterina Fake, Findery creates a living tapestry of places through geo-tagged stories about the history, personal stories, memories, what's coming and other little known facts and unexpected information.