SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 18, 2014) - Pintrips, the travel planning and coordination company, is transforming the online travel booking industry with the introduction of its next generation dynamic pinning technology which can infer a traveler's intent, based on the flights they choose and pin to their personal Pintrips dashboard. Pintrips has always tracked the quickly-changing price and availability information for flights, and now with this Dynamic Pinning solution, Pintrips becomes the only company with the sophisticated backend technology capable of determining what matters most about a flight from the traveler's perspective, for example changing arrival and departure times and flight number changes as well as flight class and fare class changes. By understanding intent, Pintrips is able to deliver more finely honed and relevant information to its users.

Unlike images and online articles which are static objects and simple to catalog, dynamic data objects like flights have myriad parameters to monitor such as flight numbers, schedules, fare classes, stopovers and more -- all of which change frequently and erratically. For one flight between LA and Chicago on one airline, there can be as many as 43 different one way economy class fares, and for most popular routes there is, on average, a new price available in the market every six seconds. 

With Pintrips' new Dynamic Pinning, as customers pin selected flights to their personal dashboards, the software learns what is important to that traveler and delivers more relevant and important flight information. If a flight changes departure time by five minutes, the Pintrips engine will know that flight is still the one the customer is interested in. If she is tracking economy-class fares (even without realizing it), the software will now know that if the fare changes, there is a high probability that she will still be interested in the next service class up.

"We have added a very important and complex layer of intelligence to our software so what Pintrips can now track reflects the intent behind a user's choice of flights and what is pinned. Dynamic Pins at their heart is all about seeing information about any flight from a user's eyes and understanding what parameters in the data object truly matter and are worth tracking," said Stephen Gotlieb, CEO, Pintrips. "Ultimately, this highly tuned tracking ability will save people money, time and hassle in booking flights."

As Pintrips rolls out this new technology, it will be adding a new partner to its product offering. Skyscanner, a leading global travel search engine will now be available to Pintrips' users. Skyscanner offers an unbiased, comprehensive and free flight service in more than 40 markets, 30 languages and 70 currencies. With Skyscanner added to the roster of other Pintrips search engines and airlines search partners, Pintrips is broadening its reach to include more international travel and customers.

About Pintrips

Pintrips is a travel planning and coordination company with a platform which allows travelers to identify flights they are interested in from sites all over the web, aggregate those options in one dashboard and easily collaborate and share travel plans with others. Pintrips tracks frequently-changing data such as prices, availability, bookability, flight schedules and flight numbers, updating the information on users' personal Pintrips dashboards. Pintrips partners include major airlines, Orbitz, Expedia, Google, Kayak and now Skyscanner. With new Dynamic Pinning technology which helps measure customer intent, Pintrips tracks more subtle but meaningful flight data for every traveler. For more information, visit

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