CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - Sept. 18, 2014) - Eagle Energy Trust (TSX:EGL.UN) ("Eagle") confirms that, following its internal reorganization completed in mid-June, Eagle has made the necessary arrangements through CDS, to notify the investment brokerage community that withholdings or remittances from Eagle's distributions paid to certain unitholders who are residents of the United States for the purposes of the Canada - United States Tax Treaty (the "Treaty") are no longer required under the provisions of the Income Tax Act (Canada) ("Tax Act") by virtue of the Treaty.

Eagle further confirms that CDS, in turn, has issued a bulletin to the brokers, investment advisors, investment dealers, financial institutions and other nominees who are participants in the CDS depository service (collectively, "Investment Brokers") advising them of Eagle's letter to CDS regarding the foregoing.

To assist unitholders who are residents of the United States and who may be entitled to benefit from the withholding tax exemption permitted under the Treaty, Eagle has posted information on its website in the section titled "Investors - Tax Information - US Tax Information", including links to the Canada Revenue Agency ("CRA") forms that such unitholders are required to complete and return to their Investment Broker (with a copy to Eagle) in order to benefit from the exemption.

To assist unitholders in maintaining their own accurate personal records and ensuring proper withholding tax is applied, impacted unitholders should consult with their own tax advisors as soon as practicable to arrange for the completion of the CRA forms if appropriate in their own particular circumstances.

Impacted unitholders wishing to benefit from the withholding tax exemption should send the duly completed CRA form to their Investment Broker, with a copy of the completed CRA form to Eagle at the address indicated below. Once the unitholder's Investment Broker has received the duly completed CRA form, the Investment Broker should be able to change the coding of the unitholder's investment account with respect to the Canadian tax withholding status of the unitholder and cease making Canadian tax withholdings on behalf of that unitholder with respect to Eagle's distributions. If, after sending the CRA form to their Investment Broker, the unitholder continues to have Canadian tax being withheld on Eagle's distributions, the unitholder should contact their Investment Broker.

About Eagle Energy Trust

Eagle is an oil and gas energy trust created to provide investors with a publicly traded, oil and natural gas focused, reliable distribution paying investment, with favourable tax treatment relative to taxable Canadian corporations. Eagle's units are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol EGL.UN.

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