CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - Sep 18, 2014) - The makers of the popular oral rinse Breath Appeal,, which destroys the excess anaerobic bacteria that cause bad breath and other problems in the mouth, have released a new product that's even better able to penetrate the tiny nooks and crannies where debris collects and bacteria multiply.

Amazing Breath,, will be especially helpful for people who have a difficult time with oral hygiene and chronic halitosis due to extensive dental work, crevices between teeth and gums and tiny cracks in the tongue, and certain illnesses such as diabetes, says Dr. Bob Kross, the chemical engineer who developed both products.

"Those little nooks and crannies are where food particles and tissue debris collect," Kross says. "Anaerobic bacteria feed on that and their excretions form biofilm -- plaque is an example of biofilm -- that allows the bacteria to proliferate.

"That bacteria is fine, even necessary, when it's present in balance with other naturally occurring bacteria. It's a problem when it starts to take over."

Kross developed patented Breath Appeal in the early 1980s. It has long been a staple toiletry item for people with bad breath.

"Amazing Breath is a stronger version of Breath Appeal and it has a new penetrating agent to really get down into those little spaces," says Kross, adding the product is patent-pending.

"In eliminating the source of bad breath, it also addresses the problems that lead to serious gum diseases, including removing, or preventing the buildup, of biofilm and maintaining a healthy balance of bacteria in the mouth. These are problems that commonly lead to gingivitis and periodontal disease."

About Dr. Bob Kross

Dr. Bob Kross is a chemical engineer associated with All USA Direct, (, producer of Breath Appeal products. Many of Kross' 40 U.S. patents reflect his interest in biomedical areas, including oral antimicrobials and associated conditions and diseases. At least 90 percent of bad breath problems are associated with the sulfurous compounds generated by the putrefying, malodor-forming, anaerobic bacteria, which hide in oral crevices, and which degrade food particles and salivary cell fragments. Breath Appeal's oxidants destroy a major portion of the bacteria in these low-oxygen environments, thereby removing the root cause of persistent halitosis.

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